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The Missionary by William Carmichael and David Lambert

Published by Moody Publishers 2009, paperback, 384 pages, Fiction/Missionary Life/Suspense/Action Adventure

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This book was provided for me for free by Bring It On Communications for reading/reviewing.

David and Christie Eller and their young son Davy live in Caracas, Venezuela. David and Christie are missionaries working with the sick and poor children that live in Caracas, most of these children live on the streets with no home and no one to care for them. David and Christie have surrendered their lives to the mission field and to these children. Venezuela is controlled by a president that is a ruthless dictator Armando Guzman. Venezuela has much corruption in the government and a problem with the drug cartel. David is approached by a man that wishes to recruit David in a few "little jobs". David is filled with temptation, wanting to do the right thing, yet wanting to actively push ahead with action.

This is a marvelous book! At times my eyes could not move across the page fast enough to find out what would happen to David and his family.
I found 4 important lessons in this story:
1. The Missionary gives the reader in story the unsettling and painful teaching of when we don't wait on God, but move ahead with what we feel must be done. So often we are not patient in waiting on His guidance and instead move ahead with what we feel is the right decision. As a result we mess the situation up terribly and then cannot understand why God does not hurry up and fix it.
2. I felt that this story teaches us that our dependence is on God's grace, that which we don't deserve and is a mystery to us, yet His grace is perfect and it is enough.
3. This book shows the power of prayer, in others being prompted to pray for loved ones, and in our own falling before His throne when we are exhausted and can no longer strive on our own. Prayer should be the first thing that we do and then wait for His answer; yet so often what we do is run ahead of God and in this The Missionary is easy to relate to, because it shows us as the humans we are; but God forgives and His grace is enough.
4. This book shows faith in action. Faith is both a noun and a verb. Faith is believing that somehow and in someway God is going to work it all out. Our faith is in what He can and will do, not in what we can do.

The Missionary has characters that are shown at their worst: frozen with fear, indecision and apathy, deceitfulness, depraved, malevolent,
It also has characters at their best: love in action, laying down one's life for others, doing without so others can have, praying without ceasing.

I have found that often when I read a Christian fiction with suspense it comes across as "not like in real life". I felt that The Missionary was as true to life as can be described in a novel.
I have high regards for The Missionary and highly recommend it!

Blissful Reading!