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Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef

Published by SaltRiver an imprint of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 2010, 265 pages, Hardcover, Non-fiction

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Son of Hamas link; this link has a video, audio download, first chapter free.
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This book was bought by me for the purpose of reading/reviewing.

I've had this book in my stack of to be read books for a few months. I bought the book just after it was published but it kept being pushed back because of other reads. I am happy to say that I finished reading the book last night and even happier to review this book for my readers.

Mosab Hassan Yousef was born in 1978 in the West Bank village of Ramallah. He is the first born son of one of the founders and leaders of the organization known as Hamas. His mothers brother is a cofounder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. His parents provided a loving home; yet during his childhood he would endure poverty, and violence and death on the streets near his home.
Mosab has written a book not only about his own life and family; but also a book about his people. He describes for his readers a history of the Muslim people, their religious and political beliefs, their language and culture. He defines for the readers what it means to be Muslim, meaning the real Muslim, not the Muslim that we see for a brief few minutes on the 5 o'clock news.
I found this book to be the most informative and amazing read I have read thus far on the Mulim people. I took 4 pages of notes; even though the book had a glossary of characters, timeline, and language; I personally wanted to take notes in order to transcribe on paper what I had read.
The Muslim culture to an average American is so foreign, so far removed from our sphere of knowledge that we have a tendency to disbelieve some reports that we hear. This is used as an advantage by extremists over us. Some would call this naiveness on our part-- a word grown ups do not want to hear.
I feel Mosab did not write his book to be a tantalizing tell all about his life; but to be an education about the Palestinian people, Muslim people.
He does not give me the impression he is a macho, fearless fighter. Instead he speaks of his mistakes and weaknesses freely.
The book is difficult to put down, it is mesmerizing and edifying.
I feel this is a most imporatant book and a must read for all Americans. I expect that some of you may feel that is too broad a term in using all--but I feel strongly about this. Americans do not know enough about how a Muslim feels about Israel, America, and their own beliefs. This book can be a stepping stone to unraveling some of the mystery we feel about them.

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Mark said…
sounds interesting - it is one I have thought about reading myself
Anonymous said…
I read this book on my way to Pakistan. I couldnt put it down. Ive read it several times and pushed it on my kids, mother, cousin and friend. A wonderful and amazing book. We need to pray how to understand the palestinian/Israeli conflict from God's point of view, and above all, not let fear turn our hearts away from the Muslims who need Christ on our own doorsteps. This book gets an A++
Annette said…
Anonymous I wish I knew your name, hate that you are just anonymous to me--thank you for commenting.
Thanks Mark for stopping by.