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Book Review: Nudge, Awakening Each Other To The God Who's Already There by Leonard Sweet

Published by David C. Cook a B and B Media Group
Published August 1, 2010, 336 pages, Hardback

Link for the book @ publisher:
Hardback $19.99

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Hardback $13.59

Link for the book @ Christian Book:
Hardback $14.99

This book was provided for free to me by B and B Media for reading/reviewing.

I felt that this was a wonderfully creative, gifted, teachable approach at looking at evangelism in a full sensory manner. This is not a new thought, but one I've certainly never considered. Evangelism is sharing with others the Good News of …

Book Review: The Vigilante's Bride by Yvonne Harris

Published by Bethany House in August 2010, 304 pages, Paperback,

Link for the book @ publisher:
Paperback $11.99

Amazon link:
Paperback $10.19 and Kindle $9.68

Christian Book link: $9.99 and ebook $9.69

Emily McCarthy has lived at Aldersgate Home For Girls in Chicago since she was an infant. After becoming of age she has tried unsuccessfully to find employment. The board members and director of Aldersgate has arranged for Emily to marry a man in Montana. Emily is shocked, angered, distraught. She feels she has no other option but to marry this unseen man. Emil…

Fall Into Reading 2010

Fall Into Reading is a challenge that runs September 22 through December 20, 2010.
Follow the link for more information:

My list of books that I want to read and or finish reading by December 20 is:

1. Nudge, Awakening Each Other To The God Who's already There by Leonard Sweet
2. The Incomparable Christ by J. Oswald Sanders
3. The Weight of Glory by C. S. Lewis
4. Authentic Faith by Gary Thomas
5. The Devil in Pew Number Seven by Rebecca Nichols Alonzo
6. Never Let You Go by Erin Healy
7. The Confirmation by Ralph Reed
8. Detox, For The Overly Religious by David Putman
9. Stronger, Trading Brokenness for Unbreakable Strength by Jim Daly
10. The Pursuit of the Holy, A Divine Invitation by Simon Ponsonby
11. Be Available, Accepting the Challenge to Confront the Enemy--Judges by Warren W. Wiersbe
12. She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell

I will keep you updated on my reading progress!

Blissful Reading!

New Book by John Piper

Think, The Life of the Mind and the Love of God by John Piper
Published by Crossway Books on September 15, 224 pages, Hardcover
$13.49 @Amazon and Kindle price is $7.99
The price at Desiring God website is $13.50

For more information:

 Blissful Reading!

Book Review: Petra, City In Stone--Lost Cities Series #1 by T.L. Higley

Published by B and H Books in September 2010
Historical Fiction/Mystery/Romance/Early Church History

Amazon link for book:
Paperback $10.19 and Kindle $9.68

Christian Book link for book:
Paperback $11.99 and ebook is $14.99

Link for book @ Publisher:
Paperback $14.99

Further links:
Pure Enjoyment
No Passport Required

This book was provided to me for free from B and H Publishing, I chose to read/review.

This is the first novel that I've read by T.L. Higley and I'm impressed!

Cassia is a young Damascus woman with a son named Alexander. Cassia is a woman of grit, tenacity, passion. Cassia's life has been filled with a heavy burden of …

Update On Prayer Request

My husband is much better, no hospitalization needed.
Our son Paul is well.
Yesterday my dad had a basal cell carcinoma removed from his right cheek. The incision site is 3 inches long and is almost the full length of his right cheek. Today I will start dressing changes. He will have the stitches removed in 2 weeks. Dad is nearly 88 years old and this procedure has really taken strength from him.
I'm praying and hoping that when I removed the bandage today to change the dressing that I will not tear a stitch or make him bleed.

Thank you.

Prayer Request

I'm asking for you to pray for my husband Jeff. He has pneumonia, he has been ill for about 2 weeks. If he is not better by Monday he will need to be hospitalized. Meanwhile our son Paul age 25 has a bad case of bronchitis. Early Monday morning I will take my dad to the dermatologist to have a skin cancer removed from his cheek.

Thank you.

My Life as a Book Reader and Reviewer

This is one of my book shelves.

More books that have no room on my shelves.

Non-fiction books: commentaries, dictionaries---large collection that my dad started (I've continued) when he taught a Bible class at Church.

My messy desk, this was taken this afternoon when I had 2 book reviews to write. Notice the Starbuck's cup--a new drink Toffee Mocha.

When I read I take notes in spiral notebooks. This is my collection of over 3 years. Most fiction books that I read are 2 pages of notes, non-fiction can be as many as 8 or 9.

My cozy reading space, nestled in the corner of my bedroom. This is my evening spot.

Blissful Reading and Blogging!

Book Review: Be Still and Let God Be God, Writings About Self-Improvement, Discovery and One's Relationship with God by Robert Paul Baeyens

Published by Deep River BooksVMI Publishers, in 2010, 256 pages
Christian Living/Spiritual Growth/Contemplative Life

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Paperback $11.04

Be Still and Let God Be God begins in the foreword with one of my favorite Bible verses:
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us..."
John 1:1,14

This is the first book that Robert Paul Baeyens has written, I am hoping and praying that he will continue to write and share from his life and his heart.

Be Still and Let God Be God is huge in scope of material on Christian Living. There is a chapter on the main religious groups, what they believe and how they began. The author writes of his friendship with a friend that is an atheist, how the two of them have remained close respecting each others beliefs. Yet, the author is a Ch…

What Does It Really Mean To Follow Jesus?

Jenifer Jernigan @ By His Grace and In His Word Ministries asked an important question in her latest post.

What does it REALLY mean to follow Jesus?

"Then He said to them all: 'If anyone would come after me, He must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.' " Luke 9:23 NIV

Too read her post:

I dreamed about this question last night, it's nagging me, following me wherever I go, waiting for me to answer.

In the Common English Bible Luke 9:23 reads:

"All who want to come after me must say no to themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow me."

In my NIV study Bible the notes state that, "To follow Jesus means that we must have self-denial, complete dedication and have willing obedience."
Mounce's Dictionary states that, "Following is not only a description of movement, but it is a metaphor of salvation. To follow Christ means to learn from Him, and to respond to His voice."

I bel…

New Fall Releases

Philip Yancey has a new book that will be released October 19.
What Good is God? In Search of a Faith That Matters published by Faith Words
Hardcover $16.99 and Kindle $10.99--Amazon prices
Link for more information, including an excerpt and video of author:

Max Lucado has a new book that was released today--September 14.
Out Live Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference published by Thomas Nelson
Hardcover $14.99 and Kindle $9.99--Amazon prices
For more information about book @ Max Lucado website:

Ted Dekker has a new book, released September 7
Immanuel's Veins published by Thomas Nelson
Hardcover $15.20 and Kindle $13.68--Amazon prices
For more information about book visit Ted Dekker's website:

Reema Goode--book released August 23
Which None Can Shut published by Tyndale
Soft cover $11.89 and Kindle $9.59
For more information about book @ Tyndale:

Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010

Todays question is: What's a great new book blog you've discovered since last years BBAW?
I love several blogs! I follow 97 blogs, some I check on daily, some monthly when I do Roundabout. Some blogs I follow through Facebook, some through my blogger reader, some through email.
One of the newest blogs that I love is A Novel Source. It is a busy blog page, but then she is a busy reader. I enjoy learning from other bloggers how they lay out their blogs, their technique of reviewing, and the choice of books they read and review. The author of A Novel Source seems to have an inviting and professional looking place.
What was the first book blog you discovered? Why do I love it and keep going back?
I love Becky's Book Reviews. I love this blog because it is unpretentiously a book review blog. Becky does not take part in book giveaway's, nor promote awards she has won, nor try and keep up with the "other bloggers", she persev…


Roundabout is a post that I try and do monthly. I read through the past couple of weeks of all of the blogs that I follow (I follow 97). I then post those that I found that might be of interest to my own readers.

The September issues of Exemplify Magazine and Christian Fiction On-line Magazine is available.

September 13 post on recap of the past year since the last Book Blogger Appreciation Week.
The link (see below) on American versus British Bloggers pulled from the Book Blogger Appreciation Week article dated September 13.
Post on American versus British Bloggers.

If you live in Texas there is a Texas Book Festival October 16-17 in Austin.

A blog that I've not been following long, A Novel Source--I find this blog to be welcoming, the layout is classic looking, and the author is knowledgeable about several genre's of books.  

Thoughts That Move,  the author of this blog Wendy wrote a post on September 1,
8 Communication Skills to Commit  to Memory.

A blog that I recently sta…

This Week Is Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010

Blissful Blogging!

A Cocoon of Praise

"I will extol you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever.
Everyday I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.
Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable."
Psalm 145:1-3 ESV

Do you read Scripture out loud?
We are told in Hebrews 4:12 that His "Word is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." NIV
By reading His Word we are digesting it in to our body and soul. His Word circulates through our mind and in to our inner person, which is our heart.
But, in speaking His Word aloud it resonates back to you double fold. You are both reading it and then hearing it aloud, the very room you are in is filled with the radiance and holiness of His Word, and thus it becomes a cocoon of praise and adoration to Him.

Blissful Blogging!

Book Review: Valeria's Cross by Kathie Macias and Susan Wales

Published by Abingdon Press 2010, 384 pages, paperback,
Historical Fiction/Roman History/Early Church History

Link for book @ publisher: $14.99

Link for book @ Christian Book: $11.99

Link for book @ Amazon: $10.19

I received this book for free from Kathi Macias. I chose to read/review (I review every book I read).

Valeria was a real historical character. She was the only child of the Roman Emperor Diocletian and his consort Prisca. Diocletian ruled alone from 284-286, then co-ruled as Augustus of East from 286-305. He abdicated in 305 because he was ill and died in 311. For political reasons Valeria married Galerius. After their marriage Galerius co-reigned …

Catching Up after the Storm

Our rain gauge holds six inches of rain and it is overflowing. I have read that our area of central Texas received between eight and twelve inches of rain. Tuesday night and in to Wednesday morning the rain was a constant downpour. The tropical storm wind was on Tuesday evening about nine. The gusts of wind and rain was a great back drop for a suspense/mystery book that I finished reading about one Wednesday morning. I will be reviewing this book---Solitary by Travis Thrasher---over at my other blog
A Garden of Books.

My husband Jeff has been sick this week with a respiratory virus.
My oldest son David has a staph infection on his left elbow--it started off as an allergic reaction from being around Poison Oak.
My dad has a sore on the bottom of his right foot, dad is a diabetic. Yesterday I took him to the podiatrist to have the blister removed and cleaned, I will be doing dressing changes for a few days. It is not infected; but we will need to keep it clean and dry.
My husband call…

Thankful Thursday!

I have not taken part in a Thankful Thursday in too long!

On this Thursday I am thankful:
1. That tropical storm Hermine has passed.
2. Sunshine follows rain.
3. Motzart--I'm listening to--Motzart for your Mind--CD.
4. Summer is nearly finished and autumn is near.
5. Apple Butter on warm buttered biscuits.

Blissful Blogging!
I'd intended to post reviews today; but Tropical Storm Hermine has interfered with the Internet and electricity.
I am now planning to post again later in the week when the storm has passed!

Blissful Blogging!

Winner of a copy of Amish Proberbs by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The winner is:

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The Following proverbs were submitted by those who were in the drawing for a copy of the book:

Joy Tamsin David
" Never put something in writing that you don't want the whole world to read."

"A broken hand works, but not a broken heart."

"Don't yell in the house unless it's on fire."

"God helps those who help themselves."

Writing Canvas
"In whatever direction you turn you will see God coming to meet you; nothing is void of Him, Himself fills all His work."

"Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere."

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Larry Killion
"Don't count your chickens before they hatch."

Blissful Blogging!


I will be taking the next few days off for Labor Day weekend.
I hope your holiday will be relaxing!
I will return on Tuesday September 7......probably with a review of Valeria's Cross by Kathi Macias and Susan Wales.
For my readers that live on the east coast I hope that Hurricane Earl is only a minimal storm and that you will be safe and sound and dry!

Blissful Blogging!