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Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010

Todays question is: What's a great new book blog you've discovered since last years BBAW?
I love several blogs! I follow 97 blogs, some I check on daily, some monthly when I do Roundabout. Some blogs I follow through Facebook, some through my blogger reader, some through email.
One of the newest blogs that I love is A Novel Source. It is a busy blog page, but then she is a busy reader. I enjoy learning from other bloggers how they lay out their blogs, their technique of reviewing, and the choice of books they read and review. The author of A Novel Source seems to have an inviting and professional looking place.
What was the first book blog you discovered? Why do I love it and keep going back?
I love Becky's Book Reviews. I love this blog because it is unpretentiously a book review blog. Becky does not take part in book giveaway's, nor promote awards she has won, nor try and keep up with the "other bloggers", she perseveres without worrying about how many people are following her. Her blog is simply the best! She is the most accomplished and fastest reader I know, she reads from several genres, she writes a honest and without prejudice review. I've learned so much from her and consider it an honor to be her friend as well.

Blissful Blogging!


I too like Becky's Book Reviews but A Novel Source is new to me - thanks for highlighting it!