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Book Review: Nudge, Awakening Each Other To The God Who's Already There by Leonard Sweet

Published by David C. Cook a B and B Media Group
Published August 1, 2010, 336 pages, Hardback

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This book was provided for free to me by B and B Media for reading/reviewing.

I felt that this was a wonderfully creative, gifted, teachable approach at looking at evangelism in a full sensory manner. This is not a new thought, but one I've certainly never considered. Evangelism is sharing with others the Good News of Jesus Christ. Leonard Sweet wants us to consider thinking in terms of nudging when we evangelize, because this is what God's Spirit does to us--is nudge us. His Spirit is active and working in our lives and the world around us, His Spirit is nudging us. We should be in-tuned to His Spirit in touching, smelling, seeing, tasting, and hearing---looking for those opportunities to not only grow closer to Him ourselves, but for us to nudge others. I believe that this book has awakened in me a new perception in evangelism, as if a light bulb has been turned on.

One of my favorite quotes,
"Nudger's aren't starting up something. We are joining Christ's initiative and catalyzing what Jesus is already doing. Nudger's are busy with God's business not ours."
Leonard Sweet told a 9/11 story of a pastor in New Jersey. This pastor put on his clergy collar and stood on a platform at a train station in New Jersey, while the people from New York City disembarked on their way home after the horrific tragedies at the World Trade Centers. Thousands of beleaguered dusty faced people passed by him and many of them reached out to touch him, he was a source of comfort for them.

I was reminded of a story that my mother told me from her life. My mother was married to another man before she married my father. This man's name was Walter. One Sunday morning he went wade fishing in Galveston; Walter never came home, he drowned. My young mother was left with 3 small children. It took 3 days for the Coast Guard to find Walter's body, during these 3 days my mother stayed in her bed--she was beyond the point of consoling. My mother knew there were many people in her home, many of them spoke to her; but it was all a back drop to the dense fog of deep pain. Mother said there was 1 woman that was the sister of a dear friend. All this woman did was sit on the bed beside my mother and hold her hand, this woman never said a word, but she was there, and that was what my mother needed. I've never forgotten that story,  there are times when words are not necessary, but touch is, a simple, yet profoundly important touch to those needing comfort.

What will God's Spirit be nudging you to do today?

Blissful Reading!