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Catching Up after the Storm

Our rain gauge holds six inches of rain and it is overflowing. I have read that our area of central Texas received between eight and twelve inches of rain. Tuesday night and in to Wednesday morning the rain was a constant downpour. The tropical storm wind was on Tuesday evening about nine. The gusts of wind and rain was a great back drop for a suspense/mystery book that I finished reading about one Wednesday morning. I will be reviewing this book---Solitary by Travis Thrasher---over at my other blog
A Garden of Books.

My husband Jeff has been sick this week with a respiratory virus.
My oldest son David has a staph infection on his left elbow--it started off as an allergic reaction from being around Poison Oak.
My dad has a sore on the bottom of his right foot, dad is a diabetic. Yesterday I took him to the podiatrist to have the blister removed and cleaned, I will be doing dressing changes for a few days. It is not infected; but we will need to keep it clean and dry.
My husband called me last night to tell me a tornado touched down and destroyed buildings only two blocks from his shop. His shop is near the downtown area of Dallas. There isn't any damage to his shop.
It has been a very eventful week for us, please pray about these issues in my family; pray for me to continue to be loving, kind, patient, and thoughtful in caring for my dad.
Thank you.

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