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Roundabout is a post that I try and do monthly. I read through the past couple of weeks of all of the blogs that I follow (I follow 97). I then post those that I found that might be of interest to my own readers.

The September issues of Exemplify Magazine and Christian Fiction On-line Magazine is available.

September 13 post on recap of the past year since the last Book Blogger Appreciation Week.
The link (see below) on American versus British Bloggers pulled from the Book Blogger Appreciation Week article dated September 13.
Post on American versus British Bloggers.

If you live in Texas there is a Texas Book Festival October 16-17 in Austin.

A blog that I've not been following long, A Novel Source--I find this blog to be welcoming, the layout is classic looking, and the author is knowledgeable about several genre's of books.  

Thoughts That Move,  the author of this blog Wendy wrote a post on September 1,
8 Communication Skills to Commit  to Memory.

A blog that I recently started subscribing to on my Kindle (.99 cents a month)---The Gospel Coalition by Justin Taylor. He posts at least everyday (some of them are pulled from other authors). His posts are on books, Christian life, current topics, Christian history, sermons, advice on writing. His blog is enlightening and enjoyable.
I especially liked the post on Why Read Fiction by Peter Leithart.

P J Cockrell's blog has more than one article that I found great, he pulls articles from other sources (pastors, writers, etc.)
The Motivating Power of the Gospel
Having God is Better than Money, Sex, Power or Popularity

A new blog I've found Austen Authors---Yes, of course Jane Austen!

In visiting all the blogs that I follow, the following books I kept seeing again and again for reading/reviewing:
Choosing To See by Mary Beth Chapman, Valeria's Cross by Kathy Macias and Susan Wales, The Thorn by Beverly Lewis, The Bridge of Peace by Cindy Woodsmall, and blogger world is chatty about the Suzanne Collins Trilogy books--Hunger Games, Catching Fire and the newest release Mockingjay.

 Blissful Blogging!