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Book Review: Valeria's Cross by Kathie Macias and Susan Wales

Published by Abingdon Press 2010, 384 pages, paperback,
Historical Fiction/Roman History/Early Church History

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I received this book for free from Kathi Macias. I chose to read/review (I review every book I read).

Valeria was a real historical character. She was the only child of the Roman Emperor Diocletian and his consort Prisca. Diocletian ruled alone from 284-286, then co-ruled as Augustus of East from 286-305. He abdicated in 305 because he was ill and died in 311. For political reasons Valeria married Galerius. After their marriage Galerius co-reigned with Diocletian. Diocletian and Galerius are infamous as Emperor's that violently persecuted Christians.

I have to admit that it took a while for me to "feel" apart of this story, to be swept up in the events of the characters--primarily Valeria. I believe that it is because Valeria is described in story as wavering and without depth in her emotions, she loves another--yet loves this one. I could not feel her plight, because I felt she was ineffective in being portrayed as a woman in love. I did take in to consideration that in the beginning of the story she was a young teenage girl; yet there was an element missing in her believability. As the novel progressed and Valeria's character progressed--developed, I then felt drawn to her and I had to know what would happen to this young woman.
Valeria's Cross is a novel of political intrigue, decadence and corruption. Diocletian and Galerius were men with ultimate power and yet they were tormented with conflicting emotions. When they had what they most desired they felt insecure and morose.
Early Church history is a large part of this story and this is of great interest to me. I love to read both non-fiction and fiction accounts of this era. Valeria's Cross gave me a better idea of what is was like living during this time.
Valeria's Cross is an epic book, much information is given in one novel. I feel that the story could have been told in two novels.
From mid-point in the book through to the end I loved this book, and stayed up late to finish reading it!

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