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Book Review: The Vigilante's Bride by Yvonne Harris

Published by Bethany House in August 2010, 304 pages, Paperback,

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Emily McCarthy has lived at Aldersgate Home For Girls in Chicago since she was an infant. After becoming of age she has tried unsuccessfully to find employment. The board members and director of Aldersgate has arranged for Emily to marry a man in Montana. Emily is shocked, angered, distraught. She feels she has no other option but to marry this unseen man. Emily travels west; by train and then by stagecoach. While traveling on the stagecoach it is robbed. Luke Sullivan was not planning on abducting Emily, but he felt he had no other choice. Emily puts her trust and faith in God, that some how and in some way He will work it out.

I loved this story! For the main reason of Emily's trust and faith in God. She is a young woman that has been dependent on the orphan home she grew up in, then she was dependent on the unseen man that she was arranged to marry. But, above all her dependence is in the Lord Jesus. Her faith and trust is that even though she can not understand all that is happening to her, some how and in some way He is going to work it all out.
I also loved the interaction between Emily and Luke. Their personalities have chemistry. Just as characters in movies have on-screen chemistry, I felt Emily and Luke had on-page chemistry.
Even though there is romance in this novel, I feel it is a story that men would enjoy.
If you had asked me a year ago if I liked western novels I would have said no thank you. Just over the past few months I've grown to love western novels and movies.
This novel The Vigilante's Bride touches on ranch life, rugged landscape of the west, struggles that men have with duty and honor, and the character Luke is a mans man--he is a masculine character yet he is real, believable.
I would love to see a book 2!

This book was provided for free to me by Bethany House for reading/reviewing.

Blissful Reading!


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