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Book Review: Stronger, Trading Brokenness for Unbreakable Strength by Jim Daly with James Lund

Jim Daly is the President of Focus on the Family

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Paperback $14.99

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Paperback $10.19
Kindle $ 9.68

Published by David C. Cook 2010, 237 pages

This book was provided to me for free by David C. Cook for reading/reviewing.

Stronger, Trading Brokenness for Unbreakable Strength tackles the difficult topic of why do we have trials and hard ships, and what is our reaction to them. In Stronger Jim Daly does not try and give a cut and dry answer to why do bad things happen, because there isn't a cut and dry answer. That is not a cop out, it is the reality of life on earth. Even in my own life I have learned that. What we do know, what we are assured of, is that God is with us, and that He "uses struggles to strengthen our faith." I am who I am today because of the hardships that I have been through, some people call hardships the refiners fire. I have also noticed that the struggle that I persevered through before, prepares me for the next struggle. Little bit by little bit God uses those struggles to cause growth in me (albeit painful) that then prepares me for the next more painful struggle. My term for these hard times is "growing pains". Jim Daly explains that, "at some level that sacrifice is necessary to follow Christ, that the Lord responds to us when we suffer for Him. It draws us nearer to Him, and when we do so, He gives us the strength to go through even the worst of trials." When everything is going well in life I tend to not pray as much, oh yes I pray off and on all day; but during those hard times I'm on my knees in prayer "with groans that words cannot express."  
I loved this book! Jim Daly's writing style is as if he is sitting next to you and explaining things on an intimate private level just between you and him. He shares many examples from his own life, and others. Each of these stories are of personal struggles, depression, sickness, accidents, family problems, habits, murder. Yet, they also express God's grace amongst the turmoil that is going on all around them. The book to me is a book of encouragement for all of us.

Blissful Reading!