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Book Review: The Waiting by Suzanne Woods Fisher

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The third book in this series---Lancaster County Secrets---will be available December 1, 2010.
The title is, The Search.

This book was provided to me for free by LitFuse and Revell--Baker Publishing, for reading/reviewing.

The year is 1965. The Waitings main character is Jorie King. Jorie is 24 when the book begins. She is an Amish woman living with her grandparents in Beacon Hollow, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In addition to helping her grandparents, she cares for their prize collection of horses. Soon Jorie will begin teaching Amish children in a 1 room school house. Jorie is close to the Zook family. She is often seeking their advice, or willing to help them with their farm and home. Jorie has been waiting on Ben Zook for a long time. Ben is one of four brothers in the Zook family. Ben is in Vietnam, he left Lancaster County and the Amish community telling Jorie he "wanted to see the world". Ben did not seem to "see" the love and tenderness Jorie has for him, nor did he seem to have a problem with Jorie's future life being up in the air. While Ben is gone the friendship that Jorie has with the oldest brother Cal blossoms. But what can become of this budding relationship?

What stands out the most to me in this book is the complete commitment and dedication and love that the Zook family and Jorie exhibits.
I've read time and time again that the Amish exemplify the simple life. I'm not sure that they "live" a simple life; because they have sickness, financial problems, accidents, and family strife as all people in the world have. The simple life could only mean it is simple in how they respond. Their response is simply to trust and have faith in God. That some how and in some way God is going to work it all out. There may be times when waiting for God to work it all out takes a long time. At least a long time to us. We are still to remain patient.
Even though a few things in this story was predictable, I really liked it. I felt encouraged and uplifted after reading it.

Blissful Reading!


Suzanne said…
Thank you for your review of "The Waiting," Annette--really liked your insights about how the Amish don't really have such simple lives. So true! But your comment about how they respond to non-simple issues was wonderful.

Thanks for being a part of the blog tour, too! ~Suzanne