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I follow 100 Blog's. At least one time per month I visit all of them, taking a peek back at the past couple of weeks. I then post on Roundabout those that I found that maybe of interest to my reader's. 

The Only Kind of Faith That Matters:

October Exemplify Magazine:

Christian Fiction On-line Magazine:

Author Kathi Macias has a new book Red Ink--Extreme Devotion Series #3

We Are All Pinocchio:

A New Christian Fiction Blog--LifeWay Christian Book store:

Why Blogging As A Ministry Week?

Breaking The Chains:

October New Releases from ACFW:

Free Download For Your Kindle:


Why Christians Need Speak:

When We Have Been Done Wrong:

Gentle Nudges:

Author Interview With Francine Rivers:

Author Interview With Kathi Macias and Free Book:

Blissful Blogging!


Annette, Thanks so much for linking to my ministry week. I love Word-Vessel and Exemplify Online for the devotions, too. I'll have to check out some of the other links.
Renee said…
This is such a great idea! May I "borrow" it? I've just begun blogging, and I want my friends to know how many other great Christian blogs are out there!
Douglas Dahl said…
Thanks for the links. I enjoyed the pinoccio story.
Annette said…
Yes, Renee you can certainly borrow the idea. But for your own uniqueness you may want to give it a different title. I've not seen any other Blogger's do this, it takes time. Try to not cut and past, but use a subject and links, that way people will be directed to the other Blog's site.
I liked the Pinocchio story as well Douglas.
You welcome Julia!
Renee said…
I'll change the title for sure. I've shared blog buttons on my site, but I'd like to try directing people to specific articles once in a while . . .