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Book Review: Maid to Match by Deeanne Gist

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Published by Bethany House June 10, 2010/368 pages
Christian Fiction/Servant/Biltmore Estate/

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The Biltmore Estate in 1900

In Maid to Match a young woman named Tillie Reese is a housemaid working in the Biltmore Estate. Her brother Allan also works there and he is the head footman. Their mother has dreamed and planned for her children to have solid dependable jobs working in the Biltmore Estate. Tillie has a chance to become the new Mrs. Vanderbilt's lady's maid. If Tillie gets this job, she will be able to travel and live a grander life than if she stays as a housemaid. The downside to becoming a lady's maid is that she will be giving up her youth for servitude to Mrs. Vanderbilt; she will not be able to keep this job and also marry and have children. It will be one choice or the other, not both. A handsome new footman begins working at the Biltmore Estate, his name is Mack Danver. Tillie is asked to help Mack become more adaptable to the life of a servant, instead of his rugged mountain man lifestyle. There is immediate attraction between Mack and Tillie.

I loved this book! I had previously read She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell and remarked how I would have liked to have read more about servants during this time period. Maid to Match was just what I was looking for.
I enjoyed reading about the duties of the servants, the levels of servants, and the snobbishness even amongst them. The author interjected in to the story the unusual requests that servants were asked to do. Servants were to do as they were told or loose their job. They were to have no romances with the other servants, their life was "owned" by their employer.
The character Mrs. Vanderbilt was a small part, her husband was almost non-existent with the exception of his name and his home. The emphasis in Maid to Match was on Tillie's duties as housemaid, and her quandary as to what to do about her job and life.
The author gives information in the book about her research and how she came to write this story, and what is fiction and what was historical.
I felt the book was comical, passionate, entertaining, and endearing.

This book was given to me for free by Bethany House because I am a member of their Open Book group. I chose to read/review.

Blissful Reading!


I loved this book! :) I've never read She Walks in Beauty. I guess I'll have to pick it up.