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Book Review: Never Say Never by Lisa Wingate

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Paperback $14.99

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Paperback $6.00
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Published February 2010/352 pages
Christian Fiction/Love Story/Hurricane

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Lisa Wingate lives in central Texas....somewhere probably near me. 

This book was given to me for free by Bethany House because I am apart of the Open Book Program.
I chose to read and review.

Never Say Never (read the first chapter click on links) is book 3 in the Daily, Texas Series
Previous 2 books and to read a first chapter:
Talk of the Town 
Word Gets Around

This is the first book by Lisa Wingate that I've read. While reading this book I came across several towns that I know very well, especially when she named a town that I live in!

Kai Miller is a young woman living in the coastal town of Perdida, Texas. She works on cruise ships, makes jewelry, and is part owner to her landlord's 2 dogs. Perdida feels more like home than any other place she has lived.
Donetta Bradford age 70 and a few friends are in route from their central Texas home of Daily, to Perdida to go on a cruise. While in route they find out hurricane Glorietta is coming, their plans are dramatically changed.
They then along with Kai Miller become apart of the long slow line of cars escaping the Texas Gulf Coast.
Eventually they make it to Daily, Texas and Kai "falls in to a routine" easily.  She meets Kempner Rollins and a relationship develops.

This is a light read, purely entertainment; it was a good book to read while I was on vacation.
I found the constant euphemisms that Texans supposedly use a little tiresome. I understand though that it is all in fun. I have lived in Texas all of my life, I do not hear people speak as the character Donetta speaks. Donetta at every page uses expressions like, "drunker than Cooter Brown" and "happy as a boardin' house pup". I take no offense, as I've stated before this book was written for fun reading.
The mass exodus from the Texas Gulf Coast ahead of the storm is pretty accurate. The problem with the inability of getting gasoline is why my dad never let his gas tank get below a half tank. 
Kai becomes involved with a young man from Daily. The relationship moves fast, feelings develop quicker than hurricane Glorietta.
I found it interesting that the author picked the name Glorietta. Glorieta is the name of the LifeWay Christian conference center encampment in New Mexico. I found it interesting because I had just read the book and then passed by Glorieta, New Mexico on our way home.

Blissful Reading!