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Book Review: One Lane Bridge by Don Reid

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Paperback $14.99

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Don Reid is a member of the Statler Brothers music group.
He has 5 previous published books:
O Little Town, a hardback edition is on special @ Christian Book for $12.99

One Lane Bridge was published by David C. Cook October 1, 2010/336 pages

On a recent trip to LifeWay Christian Bookstore I was surprised to see a book written by Don Reid.......pleasantly surprised! As often as I scan the aisles at book stores and websites, I'd not known about this book. I am a big fan of the Statler Brothers. Back in the early 1970's when I was a little girl, my older sister Frances came home from college one weekend excited to tell us about a singing group she'd heard at First Baptist San Marcos, Texas. She'd also heard them perform at University Baptist in Austin, Texas. She had an album with her and played it on my dad's old mahogany Magnavox stereo. I have wonderful memories of listening to the Statler Brothers along with my parents and sister. Music has a way of touching my heart through its words and harmony.
Good stories touch my heart as well!

In Hanson, North Carolina a man named J.D. Wickman and his wife Karlie are busy with managing 2 restaurants, a daughter in college, and J.D.' s aged mother in a nursing home. One evening with encouragement from Karlie, J.D. goes for a drive in his favorite car. He drives out of town, headed down back roads, most of the time not paying attention, his goal is to unwind and relax. He has a problem with his car, scans around looking for someone to help him, he sees a farm house across a one lane bridge. He walks to the farm house and introduces himself to the haggard farmer and meets his family. It is at this point that the "story" begins.

I felt this was a wonderfully creative story! It is a story that kept me reading, and I could not help but feel apart of it.
J.D.'s predicament gave him a determination and a vibrancy that he did not have in his current life situations. He felt compelled to help, to fix this situation. Although, he must learn to trust and have faith in the Lord, that some how and in some way the Lord is going to work it all out.

This book was purchased by me for reading/reviewing.

Blissful Reading!