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Book Review: In Search of the Real Spirit of Christmas by Dan Schaeffer

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Paperback $10.75

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Paperback $4.99

Published by Discovery House Publishers 2003
208 Pages

I loved this book! It was just what the Holy Spirit wanted me to read. I needed to be reminded of the Real Spirit of Christmas.

Dan Schaeffer begins this book by bringing the reader back to the definition of "what is the real spirit of Christmas that we hear so much about? How do we find it?"
I loved it that he reflected on those that heard the first Christmas story such as the Shepherds giving their first response.
The author stated that, "sometimes we can hear the Christmas story so much that we become numb to it", or to say it more bluntly the Christmas story no longer has a resonance in our heart
"One of the most amazing truths of Christmas is that God's entrance in our world shows us that much of what we think we know about God is wrong....Everything about Christmas is totally unexpected." 
Jesus was not born in a palace; but instead a smelly, dark, damp cave that was used for animals.
Jesus was born not only in humble surroundings; but he was born to a young---probably a very young girl.
Jesus was born not to take an earthly throne with grandeur and aristocracy; but He was born in order to die on an austere wooden cross.

Blissful Reading!