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The Spirit of Christmas

It is so easy to become stressed out at Christmas time; from shopping for gifts and trying to stay within budget, to shopping for the perfect Christmas tree and decorating your house. I am including myself in this "it is easy to become stressed". It has been my sole responsibility to shop for our own children and grandchildren, also to make sure my dad's shopping (gift cards usually) is all complete. I send Christmas cards to family and friends on my own list, plus I send Christmas cards to those people on my dad's list.
It is also easy to become so wrapped up (literally) in all of the pomp and grandeur of the season, that I miss out on the real Spirit of Christmas. That Christmas is not about the tree or the decorations, it is not about Christmas cards or Christmas music, it is not about who has the best decorated home, it is not about baking cookies or a delicious meal, it is not about sleigh rides, or shopping, or beautiful eye appealing wrapped packages that will be opened and then thrown away, it is not about family gatherings that can be not so Hallmark lovely, it is not about the jolly red suited man.
Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth. Jesus who became flesh, was born a baby in a humble simple cave like stable in a town named Bethlehem.
Christmas is not about what we can do, because we can not out-do what God did, in that He gave His only Son for us, for me. 
All the "other" things that we thought we needed in order to celebrate Christmas will be old and even discarded shortly after Christmas morning.
But, Jesus is our Immanuel --God with us. (Matthew 1:23)
He is with us long after the Christmas holiday's are past, He is with us when we ring in the New Year, He is with us when the winter bleakness reflects our demeanor, He is with us always.
Hebrews 13:5 in the later part of that verse states, "I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you."
The real Spirit of Christmas is reflected from a heart that has Jesus abiding in it.
Man did not create Christmas, God did in His Son Jesus.
My prayer is that Jesus abides in your heart, and that you'll reflect to the world the real Spirit of Christmas!

Merry Christmas!