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The Sunday Salon

My Sunday Salon is being posted on Monday morning!
In the past week I've read all of 2 Chronicles in the NASB MacArthur Study Bible.

I'm steadily packing non-essential things. I'm also getting ready for a garage sale this next Saturday, and I'll be glad to have that behind me. The attic is cleaned out. I'm going room by room and sorting through things, discarding some, giving some away, packing some, and sending some stuff to the garage for the sale.
Our 5 year old grandson Dawson had a stomach virus most of the weekend. Son David is well from the flu and pneumonia.
My husband Jeff is almost back 100% after his concussion earlier this month.

I have 2 book reviews coming up soon: The Place of Belonging by Jayne Pearson Faulkner and The Swiss Courier by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey.

I'm also working on another post about Christian fiction. The theme will be what is Christian fiction, what is the purpose of it, and the goal or mission of it.

Blissful Blogging!

The Sunday Salon

Good Morning!
My husband is still recuperating from post concussion syndrome. Although he is better, he is at about 60-70% back to normal. He went back to work last Monday; he is a working manager and this problem makes it difficult to perform many duties, often he has to just take a break to collect his thoughts.
We put our home up for sale last Monday, we have had a few to make appointments to look at our home.
I am beginning to box up non-essential items such as books, my shelves are empty and look quite sad. Next I'll tackle the tchotchkes and things in my china cabinet.
I'm also preparing for a garage sale I'll have soon. 
This past week I read 2 Chronicles in the NASB MacArthur Study Bible.

Blissful Blogging!

My Two Cents on Christian Fiction

Over @ My Friend Amy the author of this blog wrote a post, What Can Be Done About Christian Fiction? Part One.
The article that she wrote was interesting, intriguing, thought provoking. The comments that people wrote contributed positively to the article.
Amy wrote that there are 2 camps in Christian fiction.
Camp 1---clean fiction. There is "no profanity, no explicit sex, and characters that are ennormously likable and while they may fail, they do not cross certain lines."
Camp 2---fiction that is more gritty, more real. This group wants their books to be more realistic, thought provoking, showing life as it really is in raw descriptive detail.
It appears that clean fiction books make some Christian readers feel that they are being snubbed because of the wholesome scrubbed clean stories.
Some Christians refuse to read Christian fiction because they feel it is boring, out dated, not …

Book Review: The Search, Lancaster County Secrets Book #3 by Suzannne Woods Fisher

Link for the book @ publisher:
Paperback $14.99

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Paperback $9.07
Kindle Edition $8.62

Link for the book @ Christian Book:
Paperback $8.99
eBook $9.69

Published by Revell--a division of Baker Publishing Group on January 11, 2011/304 pages

This book was provided to me for free by Litfuse and Revell for reading/review.

For more reviews on the previo…

Missy Buchanan Author and Advocate For Senior Adults

Q&A with Missy Buchanan Even when age creeps up on the body and mind, and life changes from what it once was, is it still possible to have a purpose in life?When it is no longer possible to venture out and do the things you once loved, can you still find a reason to look forward to each day?  Missy Buchanan, a leading expert and advocate for senior adults, believes that you can.  Buchanan wants to encourage older adults to find their purpose, share their stories, and make an impact on those around them. Q: What made you decide to start ministering to and writing books for older adults? Well, as a middle-aged adult, I never had any intention of becoming an author of books for older adults.  But because of the journey that my own aging parents were on, I realized how they had become disconnected from their church as their lives changed.  They started off as active older adults and then that circle got smaller as they had more needs and physical limitations.  As I would visit them at th…

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

I spent much of this afternoon cleaning up a file folder that holds post it notes, torn strips of paper, and a college ruled notebook. Written on each paper is blogs and websites that I've come across in the nearly 4 years of blogging I've done. Many of the blogs and websites I looked for are gone, vanished. I guess blogger's come and go. Life changes and takes us to other preoccupations and duties. Blogging is certainly not something that we are paid to do (well I'm not aware of anyone that is paid). Blogging is more than a hobby, more than just something to do till something else comes along. To me blogging is an outlet to express my feelings about what I've read; but going a little deeper, blogging is a way for me to reach out in ministry to others about what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me in my readings. I'm not planning on leaving blogger sphere; I do know this year will be full of additional duties for me----we are putting our house on the market to s…

The Sunday Salon

I took my husband Jeff to the doctor on Thursday January 13. He had the staples removed from his head and is released to go back to work Monday January 17. Thank you for your prayers!

This past week I read 1 Chronicles and Isaiah chapters 34-35 in the OT, and I finished reading Romans in the NASB.

My Scripture memory verse for Siesta Scripture Memory Team is,
"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all."
2 Corinthians 4:17 NIV

Blissful Blogging!

The Sunday Salon

My husband had an appointment this afternoon to see a doctor about removing the staples out of his head and to get a release to go back to work. We just got a phone call that the doctor did not show up for work today. I feel that Jeff needs to stay home a couple of more days, he tires out easily. I am thankful that he is getting better.

It started raining last night and the temperature is still dropping, 41 now (which is the high for today) and 28 tonight. We are not expecting the wintry mix or snow that other parts of the south are getting. I'm hoping the rain will clear up by this afternoon, my son Paul needs to drive back to Fort Worth.

Many of you know, but I have lived with and cared for my dad for 7 1/2 years, all but 1 of those years have been apart from my husband. My husband Jeff works in another city and is with me on the weekends.
I have in the past tried to talk to dad about this arrangement, that it just can't keep going on and on.
On December 27 my dad decided t…

2011 Bible Reading Challenge

Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible has a great challenge for this year!
To read her post on this challenge:

The first part of the challenge is for us to study 1 book of the Bible this year over what she calls a period of time. Meaning it might be to read 1 book of the Bible in 3 different translations, or maybe 6 different translations, or maybe even 10 different translations, or if a person is willing 14 different translations.
The second part of the challenge is to read theological books.

My goal for this year is to read the book of Romans 10 times in 10 different translations (1 per month which will take me through October). I have already started by reading Romans from the NASB--New American Standard Bible--my Bible is the MacArthur Study Bible 2006.
The other translations I have chosen (all from my own bookshelves):
NIV--Zondervan NIV Study Bible 2008
ESV Study Bible 2008
KJV a 1945 printing, but of cou…