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Book Review: The Search, Lancaster County Secrets Book #3 by Suzannne Woods Fisher

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Published by Revell--a division of Baker Publishing Group on January 11, 2011/304 pages

This book was provided to me for free by Litfuse and Revell for reading/review.

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Bertha Reihl is the owner of Rose Hill Farm in Stoney Ridge, Pennsylvania. Bertha is a widowed Amish woman living alone. She has a son Jonah that lives in Ohio with his teenage daughter Bess. Bertha tells her son that she needs Bess to come stay with her during the summer. Bess and Bertha are virtually strangers, never having built a close relationship. Bess is not happy to be spending her summer away from her father and with a grandmother she hardly knows. Bess is not at Rose Hill Farm long when she finds out that her grandmother's story about needing her to come because she was recovering from a surgery, was not entirely correct. Shortly after arriving Bess meets a handsome boy named Billy Lapp that is working for Bertha at her farm, the farm becomes much more interesting with Billy there. Bertha and Bess pay a visit to a bakery called The Sweet Tooth, where a young woman named Lainey O'Toole works. Lainey is famous for her cherry tarts. It is apparent on this visit to The Sweet Tooth that Lainey and Bertha have a past, and this past will become the main focus in The Search.

Bertha is the opposite of what I would expect in an Amish woman. Shame on me for thinking that all Amish women are dainty, meek, gentle and mild. Bertha is extremely tall, direct, opinionated, assertive, and loves to drive her buggy fast and take sharp turns. Bertha is a cherry tart herself! She has a kind and sweet heart, but a little tart around the edges!
I loved it that the author created a character that is complex and surprising!
Bess is a lovely young Amish girl, yet there is a hint in her personality of grit and determination.
Lainey is a young woman with a plan for her life, she becomes side tracked she thinks because of a broke down car----but it was not a fluke, it was apart of His plan.
Lainey is a lovely young woman with a quiet steadfast spirit.
These 3 women of differing ages, each with strong personalities, yet each of their personalities are expressed in different ways and add depth and intrigue to the story.
In The Search forgiveness and redemption is told through characters that are not just Amish, but they are people too. They are people that have problems in life just as we all do. They have feelings of injustices and forgiving others, they have emotional problems and addictions, they work hard to put the past behind them and rebuild their lives.
I feel that we can have misconceptions about races, religions, and cultures of other people. Amish are an enigma in American society, what little we know about them is mostly a stereo-type. We forget they are human just as we are. The difference is they wear their Christian beliefs more outwardly, not just inwardly.
I loved this book and have greatly enjoyed this series, The Lancaster County Secrets.

Blissful Reading!


Suzanne said…
Oh Annette...what a great review! Loved your description of Bertha as a cherry tart!! I laughed out loud! And thank you for pointing out the fact that we have an assumption about the Amish...and those assumptions aren't necessarily true. The Amish are always surprising me--each one! Thanks so much for reading my book and taking the time to write up such an engaging review. I'd love it up on Amazon/CBD, if you have time! Thanks so much, Annette
Annette said…
Thank you Suzanne for stopping by and for the kind remarks!
A review from me is at Amazon, I go by the name of MissDaisyAnne there.
Suzanne said…
Thanks so much, Annette! (Miss Daisy Ann!)