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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

I spent much of this afternoon cleaning up a file folder that holds post it notes, torn strips of paper, and a college ruled notebook. Written on each paper is blogs and websites that I've come across in the nearly 4 years of blogging I've done. Many of the blogs and websites I looked for are gone, vanished. I guess blogger's come and go. Life changes and takes us to other preoccupations and duties. Blogging is certainly not something that we are paid to do (well I'm not aware of anyone that is paid). Blogging is more than a hobby, more than just something to do till something else comes along. To me blogging is an outlet to express my feelings about what I've read; but going a little deeper, blogging is a way for me to reach out in ministry to others about what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me in my readings. I'm not planning on leaving blogger sphere; I do know this year will be full of additional duties for me----we are putting our house on the market to sell tomorrow. I have lived with and cared for my dad since July 4, 2002. Most of this time has been spent apart from my husband because he worked in another city. We would only see each other on the weekends and on holidays. My dad has finally agreed to sell and move (I've tried to talk to him many times over the years about the situation and that it can't go on). We will sell his home and we will buy a home in the city my husband works in. This is an answered prayer! An answered prayer that took many years of patience until answered. At times I questioned my sanity in taking care of daddy and living apart from my husband. My husband has also been in full agreement about us caring for dad. Since July 4, 2002: my mother after living in a nursing home nearly 6 years and having Alzheimer's 18 years died March of 2008, our son David was deployed twice to Iraq, David married, 2 grandchildren were born, younger son Paul graduated from high school and started his career, I had breast cancer and reconstruction surgery, my husband had 2 surgeries and 3 hospitalizations, 3 job changes for my husband, several surgeries and additional health problems for my dad. I do not believe that it was a fluke that all of a sudden on December 27, 2010 dad was finally in agreement about relocating so Jeff and I can live together as husband and wife. I feel that during this "season" the Lord has been at work in all of our lives and what we've gone through has been apart of His plan for us, His plan and of course His timing. Sometimes we're not given a reason for why things go as they do and I'm okay with that, but I do feel that the Lord has been at work molding us in to the image he would have us be and that is what it's all about. It's about surrendering our lives over to His leadership no matter the cost. I could not begin to tell you the many times that the evil one would blast my mind with a pity party on focusing on those things that I'd given up, at times it was exhausting not to mention annoying. Perseverance and surrendering over and over again to the Lord was something I did daily, sometimes several times a day. I have no idea how long it will take to sell this home nor what future home we will eventually live in, but the Lord knows and I'm trusting and relying on Him. Even though "this" season maybe coming to an end, there will be other seasons---but I'm not alone to tarry along in my own strength.
My faith rests in Him and it is on Christ the solid rock I stand.

Blissful Blogging!