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The Sunday Salon

My husband had an appointment this afternoon to see a doctor about removing the staples out of his head and to get a release to go back to work. We just got a phone call that the doctor did not show up for work today. I feel that Jeff needs to stay home a couple of more days, he tires out easily. I am thankful that he is getting better.

It started raining last night and the temperature is still dropping, 41 now (which is the high for today) and 28 tonight. We are not expecting the wintry mix or snow that other parts of the south are getting. I'm hoping the rain will clear up by this afternoon, my son Paul needs to drive back to Fort Worth.

Many of you know, but I have lived with and cared for my dad for 7 1/2 years, all but 1 of those years have been apart from my husband. My husband Jeff works in another city and is with me on the weekends.
I have in the past tried to talk to dad about this arrangement, that it just can't keep going on and on.
On December 27 my dad decided that he wanted to continue to live with us, but that we would put his house up for sale and relocate to Fort Worth where we all can live together under 1 roof!
This is an answered prayer! I've prayed about this since 2002. I've been patient and have waited on God's guidance and direction, often doubting my commitment to this mission of caring for my dad. It has been a long journey with many tears shed and a lot of surrendering to the leadership of the Lord. I have a wonderful loving husband that has loved my parents as if they were his own. I would never have cared for dad if Jeff had not also been equally committed.
I had also helped to care for mother, she died March 2, 2008.
I first started caring for my parents in 1990, by the late 90's I was at their home nearly everyday. I moved in with dad July 4, 2002.
Pray about our current house that it will sell at the right time and pray for a new home. I feel confidant that the Lord is in control of this and He is going to handle it all! Pray that I will rest in Him.

I have 4 books that I will read this month for review:
The Place of Belonging by Jayne Pearson Faulkner
How to Write for Kids Magazines While Working on a Debut Novel by Vickie H. Moss
The Search by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Jesus in the Present Tense, The I Am Statements of Christ by Warren W. Wiersbe

This week I read chapters 1 through 9 in Romans in the NASB MacArthur Study Bible. 


Jan Parrish said…
Great news. Praying for your house to sell.

My MIL has been living with us since 2005. She has moderate dementia and it's been difficult at times, but I know she's where she needs to be.