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Book Review: Flight To Heaven, A Plane Crash...A Lone Survivor...A Journey to Heaven and Back, A Pilot's True Story by Captain Dale Black with Ken Gire

Published by Bethany House May 2010/192 pages

Dale Black at age 19 was a young man full of dreams and ambitions, prideful and anxious to get busy living his life to the fullest, he was also a young man that had a passion for flying. On a Friday in 1969 he scheduled a day to fly with an experienced pilot and friend. After arriving for his scheduled flight time he was paired up with another seemingly experienced pilot. This new pilot was the main pilot on that day, while Dale's friend an experienced pilot was the co-pilot. Dale climbed in to the small back seat of the plane. While taking off they crashed and Dale was the only survivor. He was in a coma for 3 days and during this time was when he experienced Heaven. For a long time after the crash he did not remember, then he could not articulate what had happened, then he felt that the time was not right to share his experience (especially after his talk with his grandfather).

This was an amazing book and one that was heart-stirring in Dale's experience, humility, and determination to do God's will. 
The book does a great job in setting the tone in the beginning of the book as far as the youthful exuberance of Dale at the time of his accident.
Dale is forthright in his telling of the story, without added bravado or embroidering.
The scenes of heaven are overwhelming and must have been tedious to use the right words to describe it. 
This is a book of a miracle in a young man's life, and I'm so glad that he shared his story!

A little over 7 minutes. 

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Blissful Reading!


I enjoyed this one too. There have been so many books published in recent years about people who have been in horrible accidents and then taken trips to heaven, and I tend to read these with skepticism because of the potential for fabrication. But Flight to Heaven was different in that the author seemed profoundly humble about the experience, he made no claims except that this is what he experienced, and the experience clearly had a major positive impact on his life.

Excellent review!
Annette said…
Yes I agree, I too feel a little hesitant about reading books on people that have seen heaven and then returned back to earth. But, their story is meant to be an encouragement to us and it is. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!