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Book Review: The Place of Belonging: A Memoir by Jayne Pearson Faulkner

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Published by Carmichael Publishing January 1, 2011/208 pages
Memoir/Coming of Age Story/World War II

Thank you to Bring It On Communications! for my free copy for reading/reviewing.

Janie lives in "Ole Buttermilk Sky" country---Great Falls, Montana. World War II has begun with Japan and Germany, but.Janie lives in a secure and comfortable world with her mother and grandmother. Janie's mother works in a beauty shop. Janie and her mother and grandmother attend church, Janie goes to school, life goes on as it has; but one day a man with Nordic ice blue eyes meets Janie's mother and life begins to change.

I loved this story!
Such beautiful writing---flowing eloquently and smoothly like sweet creamy butter.
Janie is an observant child, a child that is sensitive and intuitive. Changes that come about in her life she reacts to with trust in her mother and grandmother that the right decision will be made. I loved it that the adults in her life never pushed her, but in patience and love waited for her.
The life of living on a rural farm during the war years and including years before modern conveniences is explored in the story. The emphasis is on hard work and endurance, and faith that the Lord will provide.

This story is aimed at an adult audience but I feel that it would be adequate and enjoyable to a young adult audience.

Blissful Reading!