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Roundabout is a post that I try and do once a month (it has been too long since the last). On Roundabout I visit all of the blogs that I follow and then repost those that I found that might be of interest to my readers.
At this time I follow 106 blogs! It takes a while to visit all of them at one sitting, but how can I be a follower and encourager if I don't visit them?

Are you familiar with Justin Taylor's blog? Between Two Worlds? The Gospel Coalition? I read his blog on my Kindle--99 cents per month.
Just a few of his entries lately. 
A description of the Christian Life.
The Marks of a Crusty Christian.
How an Inferiority Complex Can Be a Form of Pride

After reading Warren Wiersbe's new book Jesus In The Present Tense (chapter 11) he referred to a book---The Life of St. Paul by James Stalker-------
I purchased it for my Kindle at Amazon (99 cents) and have started reading it--an enjoyable and edifying read. 
This book is also available through Project Gutenberg.

Did you know February is Library Lover's Month? I love my library!

An enjoyable and eye catching blog for mainly young adult/children's books, but other genres as well.

What is Gospel-Centered?

Christian Fiction Online Magazine for February.

A new book/review for Christian Fiction suspense fans.

On Christian Fiction.

Another post on Christian Fiction.

Great blog that posts ways to save!

Book Giveaway.

15 Things You Never Knew About Dickens.

And speaking of Dickens, there is an Oliver Twist Read-Along over @
On Defining and Refining Christian Fiction.

On Deepening our Faith.

Blogger Cathy Bryant is hanging up her hat.

Another post on Defining Christian Fiction.

A well-done blog that focuses on African American Christian Fiction.

My Friend Amy has several posts about Christian Fiction: the front covers of books, the state of Christian Fiction, an interview with a publisher. 

And since so many are posting on the same topic of Christian Fiction here is another one and a doozy (is that really a word?).

Blissful Blogging!


What a great idea for a post. You follow some of my favorite bloggers. I will definitely check out these links.