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The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday Morning to you!
In the past week I've read Psalms chapters 82 all the way through 118, all in the ESV.

This next week I will be posting a review on the book Bathsheba by Jill Eileen Smith.
I'm reading Beside Still Waters by Tricia Goyer and will post a review when it is my scheduled turn in April for Litfuse.
I'm also reading As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur, outstanding book!

Becky from Operation Actually Read Bible and I will be doing a buddy read for the Easter season-----
Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliott.

As I type this post my husband is lighting the barbecue pit for our first cookout for 2011. We are planning on our kids and grandkids and my dad joining us for grilled burgers. I have an angel food cake and fresh strawberries to serve, with either Blue Bell Strawberry ice cream or Cool Whip....or maybe both.
I hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring weekend!

Blissful Blogging!

Book Review: From The Library of A.W. Tozer, Selections From Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey compiled by James Stuart Bell

Published by Bethany House February 2011/ 411 pages
Non-Fiction/A.W.Tozer Classic Writer
Hardcover $17.99

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Hardback $13.49
Kindle $9.99

Link for the book @ Christian Book:
Hardback $11.99
eBook $9.99

A. W. Tozer, or Aiden Wilson Tozer was a pastor, evangelist and writer that has greatly influenced our modern day evangelists, and influenced those of us who have read his books. He was born in 1897 and began serving as pastor at an Alliance Church in Chicago in 1928. While at this church he wrote 2 books that are consider…

Book Review: Mountain Top by Robert Whitlow

Another Southern story; but with suspense, mystery, and legal drama.

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Paperback $10.19
Kindle $9.68

Link for the book @ Christian Book:
Paperback $10.99
eBook $9.69

Reverend Mike Andrews is the pastor of Little Creek Church in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Mike had been a trial lawyer for almost 10 years before becoming pastor of this small church in a small community. 
He and his wife Peg have been married several years and they have no children.
While in his office at church one late morning his secretary let him know a woman named Muriel has called him about her husband Sam.
Sam is an older man, a former Marine, now the owner of a lawn care business. Sam and Muriel's only child died. Sam has an interesting gift--he has dreams and visions where God speaks to him. Many peo…

Book Review: Singer of an Empty Day by Flora Ann Scearce

I posted this review over @ my blog that is for children and young adult books, but I loved this book so much I wanted to share this review with you!
Link for the book @ Publisher:

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Paperback $19.99

Published by Tate Publishing July 2009/364 pages
Non-Fiction---the story is based on the life of the authors mother

Book 2 in this series is entitled Cotton Mill Girl published June 2007
Link for my review of this book:

These 2 books---Singer of an Empty Day and Cotton Mill Girl are some of my favorite books. I love them!
They are Southern stories, Appalachian Mountain stories, early 20th Century stories. The time period for both books are 1907 through World War I years. The author is c…

The Sunday Salon

I made a mistake last time I posted The Sunday Salon, my Bible readings were in the ESV not the NIV.
In the past week I finished Romans by reading chapters 14, 15, 16 in the ESV. I've now read Romans 3 times in 3 different translations this year (my goal is to read Romans 10 times in 10 different translations this year). Starting April 1 I will start reading Romans again but in the KJV.
I also read Psalms chapters 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60--all in the ESV.

Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible is hosting a marathon of New Testament reading during the week before the week of Easter---April 11-17, 2011---for more information:
The goal for this marathon is to read as much of the NT in 1 week as you can, not as a goal of reading to just get finished or to compete with another reader as if it were a race, but to inspire you to read the Bible period during the Easter season.
I've hear…

The Rest of the Week

I plan on taking off the rest of the week, from blogging. I have plans to have my grandkids over for a few days.
When I return next week I'll have reviews on Singer of an Empty Day by Flora Ann Scearce, As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur, From The Library of A. W. Tozer Selections From Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey and Compiled by James Stuart Bell, and Mountain Top by Robert Whitlow.

Blissful Blogging!

The Sunday Salon

Earlier in the week I felt like I was coming down with a cold, it was on Thursday when I started with coughing and bad headache and feeling tired. I read when I feel like it, nap, when I have a little energy I do a little housework. I don't have time to be sick, but who does?
In the past week I've read Psalms chapters 1-50 in the NIV. I've also read Romans chapters 8-13 in the NIV (remember I'm in a challenge and I'll read Romans 10 times in 10 different translations this year, so far this is the 3rd time).
The Scripture memory verse that I memorized for March 1 through the 15:
"Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" John 11:25-26
I've already picked out what verse I will start memorizing starting on the 15 (encouraged by Kay Arthur, I'm reading her book As Silver Refined).
"Consider it pure joy, my …

Book Review: The Wiersbe Bible Study Series, Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition---Nehemiah by Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

Link for the book @Amazon:
Paperback $8.99

Link for the book @Christian Book:
Paperback $6.99

Link for the book @Publisher:
Paperback $8.99

Published by David C. Cook February 1, 2011/144 pages
Non-Fiction/Bible Study/Nehemiah

Thank you to David C. Cook and B and B Media for my free copy for reading/reviewing.

At the beginning of this Bible Study a quote is given from Charles Spurgeon that states emphatically the prevailing character of the Old Testament book of Nehemiah.
"We are not called to govern, as he did, with an iron hand, but we ought to be equally inflexible, decided, and resolute for God, and for His holy will. God calls us to be determined."

Nehemiah is an Old Testament b…

Two Brothers, One an Atheist and One a Christian

An interesting article on Peter Hitchens the Christian brother of the outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens.


A Debate Between the Two:
This is actually a video portion of Christopher Hitchens' answer about people praying for him.

Blissful Blogging!


Roundabout is a post that I try and do at least once a month. I visit all of the blogs that I follow (106) and then re-post those I found that may be of interest to my readers; also included are a few sites I follow.

There is a man named Rob Bell who is preaching that there is no hell. I'm not familiar with him, may have to do a little research............ I came across a few posts on him.
and a video segment from Good Morning America:
Rob has written a book that will be available March 15, Love Wins.
One study gave a percentage of Christians that believe in Hell @ 59%. I'm curious who these people are that took part in this study?

Tim Keller on the Importance of Hell----From P J Cockrell's Blog…

The Sunday Salon

This past week I read Romans chapters 1-6 in the English Standard Version.
I also read Ezekiel chapters 1-6 in the English Standard Version.

Blissful Reading!

Book Review: The Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Paperback $10.19
Kindle $9.68

Link for the book @ Christian Book:
Paperback $9.99
eBook $9.69

Authors site:

Published by Bethany House October 2010/384 pages/Historical Fiction/Puritan/England

Oliver Cromwell died in 1658, he had been the Protestant Puritan leader in England since 1653. During his reign to be a Puritan was safe, but after his death and others came in control religious tolerance was null.
The book begins in May 1659 and Oliver Cromwell is living (I was a little confused about the difference in dates till the author explained that she took liberties with them).
Elizabeth Whitbread is a young woman living with her family in Bedfordshire, England. She is present…