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Book Review: Mountain Top by Robert Whitlow

Another Southern story; but with suspense, mystery, and legal drama.

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Reverend Mike Andrews is the pastor of Little Creek Church in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Mike had been a trial lawyer for almost 10 years before becoming pastor of this small church in a small community. 
He and his wife Peg have been married several years and they have no children.
While in his office at church one late morning his secretary let him know a woman named Muriel has called him about her husband Sam.
Sam is an older man, a former Marine, now the owner of a lawn care business. Sam and Muriel's only child died. Sam has an interesting gift--he has dreams and visions where God speaks to him. Many people think he is harmless, though eccentric. Although there are a few people that consider him an enemy and want him removed from their plans. Sam is arrested. Sam and Muriel want Mike to represent Sam as a defense attorney. Mike had left the legal career behind him and is focused on his role as pastor. Mike is hesitant but after meeting with Sam it becomes obvious he must represent this amazing man.

This is an intelligent suspenseful legal story. The story is carefully crafted in order to keep you turning the page even after you believe the story to be rapping up.
Detailed information is given about the investigation, interviewing and paperwork that is done by an attorney.
The judgmental, critical, harsh views of the community and church are presented in such as way as to turn my stomach. Whether it is in a church setting or secular setting people can and are judgmental making assumptions and judgments based on what they see and have heard. For those of us in the church this story is a lesson for us.
The marriage of Sam and Muriel, and especially Mike and Peg are explored. The difference in ages, life experiences, and spiritual growth all contribute to their temperaments toward one another, as well as the depth of sacrifice and love.
In each of the main characters I see a steady rise in their character and in their relationship with the Lord.
These characters are not to be elevated because of a special gift or talent. But they are certainly commendable with what they do with their gifts and talents---by using them for the glory of God. 
I loved this book, great story!

Blissful Reading!