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Book Review: The Wiersbe Bible Study Series, Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition---Nehemiah by Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe

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Published by David C. Cook February 1, 2011/144 pages
Non-Fiction/Bible Study/Nehemiah

Thank you to David C. Cook and B and B Media for my free copy for reading/reviewing.

At the beginning of this Bible Study a quote is given from Charles Spurgeon that states emphatically the prevailing character of the Old Testament book of Nehemiah.
"We are not called to govern, as he did, with an iron hand, but we ought to be equally inflexible, decided, and resolute for God, and for His holy will. God calls us to be determined."

Nehemiah is an Old Testament book located before Psalms; actually Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job and then Psalms. The thirteen chapter book, Nehemiah, is named after the man Nehemiah who was a cup-bearer. Scholar's believe it was probably Ezra though who wrote this book. God called Nehemiah for leadership service in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem after the Jewish return from exile. Nehemiah had obstacles that tried to prevent him from rebuilding; yet Nehemiah was determined to fulfill the mission that God had given him to do, not for his glory, but for the glory of God.

Dr. Wiersbe brought out "9 tactics of the enemy that was used to try and stop the work: ridicule, plots of war, discouragement, fear, selfishness, compromise, slander, threats, and intrigue". The real enemy is Satan and he uses these same tactics against us. I felt that real life application was given to the individual and to the church in these chapters on the plots of the enemy. Throughout this Bible study thought provoking questions are given in order to dig deeper in to God's Word. The questions are for either individual use or in a small group. Portions of Wiersbe's commentary on Nehemiah are inserted in to the chapters.
I have to admit that I love Wiersbe's commentaries, they are easy to understand for the layperson such as myself. I also appreciate his commentaries because I can apply them so easily to my own life.

Blissful Reading!


Douglas Dahl said…
This looks like a great study. The book of nehemiah is very inspiring and instructional when it comes to doing God's work. It looks like Warren has broken it down well.