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Book Review: The DMZ by Jeanette Windle

When I first started reading this book I wondered what I had gotten myself in to, I just was not sure this was a book that I could enjoy. Wow, was I wrong! The DMZ is probably one of the best Christian fiction books I've read, in my review I'll share with you why I feel this way!
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Published by Kregel Publications 2011
512 pages

The book begins by giving the reader a plot that began over a decade ago between 2 countries that are at enmity between each other, yet united against the infidel America. The carrying out of this plan moves to the South American country of Columbia. Columbia a hostile and volatile country that leans toward communism, not to mention the drug cartel. When three Americans are found dead, and their deaths gruesome and under mysterious circumstances, vigilance is given to find out what happened. American Politicians and media are invited to Columbia in order to show goodwill between the 2 countries. Julie Baker a journalist from an environmental magazine travels to Columbia as 1 of the journalist's. Julie's parents were missionaries in Columbia and Julie was born and raised in this country. She thought that she had left it behind several years ago, but the longer she is in Columbia the more she feels confused and her emotions are hard to keep hidden. As the story progresses every fiber of Julie's being will be tested.

The main character in The DMZ is Julie Baker. She is not only a well-rounded character, but she is a character that I grew to care about what happened to her, and I dislike the idea of not knowing the rest of her life story. Even at 512 pages I wanted for the story to continue.
We see her as an intelligent and confident woman, and also with confused and mixed feelings about her past. She is unsettled about unresolved issues, yet tries to stuff those feelings stoically. She is a strong minded independent woman, yet through circumstances she meets her fears and limitations. She is a person that I admire and yet she is approachable.
There are surprises in other characters that were introduced, twists in what I thought they were like.
I was introduced to characters that I do not usually see in Christian fiction, those that are the very debased of humanity. 
I am impressed with the knowledge and amount of research from the author; in knowing about the country Columbia, the jungle, Indians, American military and counterintelligence.
I did not feel The DMZ was predictable; but it is intense, well written, just a great story!  
The DMZ has it all: missionary work, travel, romance, suspense, military, history, mystery, and I also felt a study in well-written character's.
The Christian fiction element in The DMZ is never alluded to, nor an afterthought. We see Christianity being lived out in the depth and breath of its characters, not in just words that sometimes have nothing deeper.

Thank you to Kregel Publications and LitFuse Publicity Group for my free review copy. 

Blissful Reading!


Mark said…
great review - I loved that book too - you should check out Veiled Freedom by Windle if you haven't read it
Annette said…
Hey Mark,
I did read Veiled Freedom--last year and it was good. She has another new book out, I'm hoping to make room in my TBR pile.