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Book Review: Don't Call It a Comeback, The Old Faith for a New Day---Edited by Kevin DeYoung--With Contributions from Tim Challies, Ted Kluck, Russell Moore, Darrin Patrick, Justin Taylor, and More

How do you define the word evangelicalism?

Published by Crossway on January 31, 2011
256 pages/Non-Fiction/Evangelism/Church/Theology

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Joshua Project

The media has set out on a mission of badgering, provoking, and distorting evangelism. It does not help that their are people in the church that protest soldiers funerals and burn other religions holy books. I feel these people feed fuel to a fire that was already burning. The media did not need any help and certainly Satan did not need any.
It was such a breathe of fresh air to read a book that is a compilation of various Christian pastors and authors that each give a chapter on, "what it means to be apart of evangelicalism." Each of these authors (total of 19) wrote chapters with themes such as:
The Secret to Reaching the Next Generation,
New Birth: "You Must Be Born Again",
Justification: Why the Lord Our Righteousness Is Better,
Gender Confusion and a Gospel-Shaped Counterculture,
and Worship: It's a Big Deal.
Each of these authors brought their own personalities, writing styles, and mission focus.
In the introduction by Kevin DeYoung he stated this book was for "new Christians and undisciplined Christians". This book was also to reaffirm to all Christians what we've been taught but maybe have forgotten or has become cloudy.
I enjoyed reading the chapter on evangelical history, there was much I did not know.
The chapter written by Greg Gilbert, The Gospel God's Self Substitution for Sinners was powerful. His details about the crucifixion (stauros in Greek) brought me to my knees before the Lord because of this statement,
"The death of Jesus is-and must be-the heart of the Gospel because the good news is precisely that Jesus saves sinners from their sin. Whatever else the Gospel promises, at the very beginning of it all is a sinner's sin forgiven. I'm convinced that part of the reason many evangelicals have begun to lose their grasp on the cross is that we have lost sight of why we need to be saved. We've forgotten, and even in some cases deliberately disregarded, what sin is and how profound is its offense to God." page 73-74.
The title and the cover of the book is creative and enticing. For someone that is turned off usually by Christian non-fiction this would be an approachable book for them. 
This is an awesome read for a book discussion group!
One of the statements in the book that stood out to me the most was in the chapter about homosexuality--
in that our attitude should be in humility. Why? Because we too are in need of God's grace.

Thank you to Crossway for my free review copy.

Blissful Reading!


Douglas Dahl said…
Thanks. This looks like a great book. I will have to check it out.