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Day 6 Of New Testament In A Week

Just a few minutes ago I finished reading Acts, before that I read Revelation. Whew! I have now completed reading the entire New Testament, in 6 days.
What a glorious week it has been saturating my mind and heart with God's Word!
I want to thank Becky at Operation Actually Read Bible for orchestrating this challenge. Becky and I have decided to do this again next Easter season.
I will be posting in a few days my closing remarks on this challenge. Becky had asked me about reading Scripture aloud, and I will address that in my future post.
Until then, enjoy this marvelous Spring day!

Blissful Blogging!


Becky said…
Congratulations are finishing the New Testament in a week! I'm looking forward to doing it again!!! It was challenging--at times--but I think it was definitely worth it!!! I look forward to reading your concluding thoughts on the week :)
Deidra said…
Amazing! The entire NT in just one week? Can't wait to read your thoughts...