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DVD Review: The Grandfathers

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Indigenous People's Technology and Education Center

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DVD produced by EthnoGraphic Media March 1, 2011/54 Minutes/Rated PG
The B&B Media Group

Thank you to B&B Media Group and EGM for my free DVD for review.

The Grandfathers is a follow-up film to the 2 previous films: End of the Spear and Beyond the Gates of Splendor. The Grandfathers focus on the grandchildren of Nate Saint, the missionary that was murdered by the Waodani tribe in Ecuador in 1956.
The grandchildren did not feel they had a connection to the Waodani tribe, their father Steve Saint  knew these people but they did not. They also wanted to understand better their grandfather that died long before they were born, and was known to so many as heroic, but yet they felt they were shadowed by his memory.
The oldest son Jesse is the voice in this documentary film. The film begins with he and his siblings as well as their mother and father traveling to Ecuador.

I thought this was a great film!
I loved the collage layout of many of the scenes, it gave the film a more dimensional look and it was visually stimulating.
The music in the film is contemporary and up beat.
Each of the family members are introduced and I feel I now know them better than the previous films.
Jesse was honest and forthright in how he felt about his insecurities and pre-conceived feelings about the Waodani tribe.
The audience is given the ability through this film to see the transformation of Jesse and his siblings as they too create relationships with this tribe.
What stood out the most to me in this film is the overwhelming power of a radically changed life in this tribe.
I cannot think of a more powerful and stronger picture of being "born again".

Blissful Viewing!