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Roundabout is a post that I try and do at least one time per month. I visit all of the blog's (102) and a few sites that I follow, and then repost with links for my reader's those that I thought may be of interest.

The Groaning Cosmos by Matt Chandler;
"Sin is not just an individual issue."

The Groaning Cosmos: Interview with Matt Chandler from Assoc. of Biblical Counselors on Vimeo.

Blogger Bonnie Calhoun has several posts of new Christian Fiction books recently published:

A stunning devotional blog:

Another wonderful devotional blog:
Jenifer is also a Bible study teacher

April Issue:

Testimony by author Bonnie Grove:

This blogger has several posts on new Christian Fiction books:

Becky @ Operation Actually Read Bible is hosting a Bible Read a-thon for the week of April 11-17--right before Easter:

Another lovely and enriching devotional blog, by Patty:

Pray for fellow blogger Sandi she is fighting cancer:

If you are a blogger and from Texas there is a blog just for us'ins:

A post on Understanding Persecution by Tom Toya:

Links from The Gospel Coalition:

Are you familiar with Greg Gilbert of 9 Marks---Building Healthy Churches?

Blissful Blogging!