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I found several posts on various ideas about Christian fiction. Some are controversial, all are thought provoking. If you have time to read some or all of the posts let me know what you think?

"Theology is at the heart of what defines Christian fiction." See blog post written by Mike Duran.

"So perhaps non-Christians need to grow a thicker skin." E. Stephen Burnett

"Christians who don't like Christian fiction." By Rebecca Luella Miller

"Temporary kind of Christian literature." by Rebecca LuElla Miller

And also by Rebecca LuElla Miller:
From Sally Apokedak "How God Saved Me While I read A Novel.
"Sometimes I wonder if we should worry less about what makes for Christian fiction and just write."

"Why Christians Can't Agree About Christian Fiction" by Mike Duran
Mike believes there are 2 camps of readers: The Holiness Camp and The Honesty Camp. The Holiness Camp believe they must be separate as saints in holy living, where as The Honesty Camp wants to engage the world and they want truth to be the driving force. In his final statement he believes "The debate is really about the nature of Christian witness."

Amy at My Friend Amy has authored several posts on Faith n Fiction such as--

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