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The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday Morning to you! And Happy Mother's Day!
Mother's Day is difficult for me. My Mother died March 2, 2008. She had been sick with Alzheimer's for about 18 years when she died. I was 26 when she first started showing signs of this disease. I know I will see her again, yet I miss her so and still grieve for her.

The past few weeks have been stressful. My dad (that I live with and care for) had a biopsy on his thyroid April 8. Dad has 3 nodules on his thyroid, I'm glad to say the biopsy reveals they are benign.
On April 25 dad had a skin lesion (not cancerous) removed from his left arm in the bicep area.
On May 1 dad fell in his bedroom. He cut his right ear and a small cut and bruise on his right arm in the bicep area.
Dad has spinal steno-sis and both his rotator cuffs are torn. Although this is not new, his back at the belt line has been especially hurting and stiff---could have been from his fall a week ago.
Dad is becoming more frail, weak, unsteady on his feet, tired, and forgetful. Dad is 88.

My 51 year old sister in-law Melody that lives in Michigan has a serious undefined health problem. She is in a hospital and as of yet they've not found out what has been causing her to pass out.

My doggie Schotzi has for 2 weeks had a tumor on his back left paw, on the top of his foot. A needle aspiration was done this past Friday and the Veterinarian believes it is a histiocytoma (benign tumor). The doctor though has not ruled out yet a mastocytoma (cancer), because the specimen was considered not conclusive. Schotzi is a miniature Schnauzer and he is 5 1/2 years old. I adopted him from the Animal Shelter March 2010.

Since the beginning of the year I've taken my dad to the doctor for various appointments 12 times.
In January my husband had a head injury--1 visit to the ER, 2 follow up doctor appointments.
My doggie 3 times in the past 2 weeks.
My daughter in-law twice in the last week. 

Our house is still for sale, the market in our area is so-so. We go through spurts in having people to want to come see the house. I am steadily continuing to go through things and will be having another garage sale next Saturday.

My sister JoAnn came to visit this past week. It was so wonderful to have company, especially to have her companionship and support.

I did not read at all in the past week. Weird? But, I had a great visit with my sister and I've been busy with dad and Schotzi.
This morning I finished reading A Visual History of the English Bible by Donald L. Brake---really interesting!
Hoping this next week will be an enjoyable week of reading.

I've been to see Soul Surfer--the movie, twice in the last week. A wonderful movie! I'm still hearing the Hawaiian music re-playing in my mind. I'm still thinking about the beautiful tranquil scenery. Hawaii sounds really good about now after the past month. I'll have to visit it in my mind. 

Blissful Blogging!


Marlayne Giron said…
Sounds like the Calgon man needs to come and take you away to the Hawaiian islands! Wish I lived closer so I cold help a little.