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The Vastness of God

Recently there was a lot of media attention about the man in California that had predicted the end of our world. I read that there were people that not only believed this man, but in anticipation of the predicted cataclysmic event they committed suicide.
About this same time I read an article that John Piper posted it is entitled
In Awe of Jesus Christ.  I was especially moved by the next to the last paragraph.
"Nothing greater can be said about the knowledge of Jesus than that He knows God perfectly. All reality outside God is parochial compared to the infinite Reality that God is. What God has made is like a toy compared to the complexity and depth of what God is. All the sciences that scratch the surface of the created universe are the mere ABCs compared to Christ's exhaustive knowledge of the created universe. And this knowledge of the created universe is as a dewdrop on a blade of grass compared to the ocean of knowledge that Jesus has of the Being of God Himself. God is infinite. The universe is finite. Knowledge of the infinite is infinite. Therefore to know God, as Jesus knows God, is to have infinite knowledge. "
I read that paragraph several times, slowly and then aloud. It is both beautiful and profoundly deep. We are given just a limited revelation of God. He is so vastly greater than what we understand. When I think about it, what I think I know, is less than a smidgen, compared to the vastness of the infinite God.
To me it is presumptuous for the created to predict something opposite to what God the Creator has stated in His Word, and that is a grievous error.
"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Matthew 24:36 NIV

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Douglas Dahl said…
Very well said. Thanks for the post.