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To Speak Or Not To Speak?

"A wise old owl lived in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard. Why can't we be like that wise old bird?" English language nursery rhyme

For several weeks I've been thinking of writing a post on people in the Christian community that feel the need to, or as they would express "bring to light" errors in Biblical teaching from certain teacher's and pastor's (I'll refrain from using names). These people probably feel they are being "led" to let us know about these misled Bible teacher's and pastor's. They probably feel it is their Christian duty, often quoting chapter and verse in order to back up their words. Read 1 Timothy.
With some websites and blogs it seems to be their focus to write posts, that will then be spread about throughout blog land, hashing and rehashing the same subjects on these "misled" teachers and pastors.
In America we have freedom of speech, being the auth…

Book Review: What Jesus Demands From The World by John Piper

Just by saying the word demand it makes most people want to turn their nose up and walk away. After all who wants more demands on our "important" grown-up lives.
Yet, do we really think that after we become a Christian that that's all there is? No strings attached perse.
We are saved by grace, so we can all go home and just continue doing what we've always done?

John Piper's website:

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Hardcover $15.10
Paperback $12.23
Kindle $7.39

Link for the book @ Christian Book:
Hardcover $14.49
eBook $7.99

Link for the book @ Crossway Publishers:
Hardcover $16.50

Published by Crossway September 2006/400 pages

The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday Morning to you and Happy Father's Day!
Recent photographs of my dad and husband in honor of them.

In the past week I finished reading Mark in the NASB. This was the 2nd time this year to read Mark.
I also finished reading Romans in the Common English Bible. This was the 6th time to read Romans. This year I am reading Romans in 10 different translations, spread out over 10 months, 1 translation per month.
The Common English Bible has been available in the New Testament since 2010. The entire Bible--OT and NT will be available July 2011.
The Common English Bible is approachable, easy to read, and a modern translation for reader's that may not have been interested in reading the Bible before.
At their website you can download Genesis for free. 
An example from Romans 8:37-39 Common English Bible
"But in all these things we win a sweeping victory through the one who loved us. I'm convinced that nothing can separate us from God's love in Christ Jesus our L…

Book Review: Restored! God's Salvage Plan for Broken Lives by Dan Schaeffer

The Old Testament story of Naomi and Ruth is brought fresh again and made applicable to our lives!

Link for the book @ Amazon:
Paperback $10.19

Link for the book @ Christian Book:
Paperback $8.79

Link for the book @ publisher:
Paperback 10.75

Published by Discovery House Publisher March 1, 2011
160 pages/Non-fiction/Old Testament/Growth/Trust/Naomi and Ruth

I appreciated it that in the introduction the author stated that this is not a feel good type book, not a "trouble makes us stronger" theme.
He states in the introduction that distress in life has value and purpose. We may not "feel" t…

67th Anniversary of D-day

Today marks the 67th anniversary of D-day Normandy 6th of June. Veteran's of this battle are becoming smaller in number with each passing year. My dad is a D-day Veteran and is still living at age 88.

As a child growing up my dad would often talk of some of his experiences of World War II with mom and I. Most often he would share during our evening supper meal when we were all gathered together. Dad was selective in what he shared because I was a child, but as I grew older he shared more of his experiences with me. Yet, I know that it is impossible to fully express what combat is like, only a person that has experienced it first hand understands.

As I've gotten older and more mature, with each passing anniversary I hold my dad's heroism during D-day more precious. He is my daddy, age 88, with many aches and pains. I carry a list with me at all times with information on his lengthy history of past surgeries and current medications. He has become more frail and f…

The Sunday Salon

This past week!
I finished reading the Gospel of Matthew, reading chapters 22-28. I read 1/2 of Matthew in NKJV and the other 1/2 in NIV.
Next is Mark.
I also started re-reading Romans. I read chapters 1-3 in the Common English Bible.
This year I have a goal to read Romans 10 times in 10 different translations. For the month of June it is Common English Bible.
There are 16 chapters in Romans. It has worked out wonderfully to read a chapter per day on calendar days 1-16.
I am also memorizing Scripture this year with Beth Moore. On the 1st and the 15th of every month we post on her blog the verse we've chosen to memorize. We are encouraged to memorize 2 per month. At the end of the year we will have memorized 24 verses! Isn't that amazing?
The verse I started memorizing on the 1st of June is~~
"For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the attitudes of the heart…