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67th Anniversary of D-day

Today marks the 67th anniversary of D-day Normandy 6th of June. Veteran's of this battle are becoming smaller in number with each passing year. My dad is a D-day Veteran and is still living at age 88.

As a child growing up my dad would often talk of some of his experiences of World War II with mom and I. Most often he would share during our evening supper meal when we were all gathered together. Dad was selective in what he shared because I was a child, but as I grew older he shared more of his experiences with me. Yet, I know that it is impossible to fully express what combat is like, only a person that has experienced it first hand understands.

Photo by S. Gaulin
As I've gotten older and more mature, with each passing anniversary I hold my dad's heroism during D-day more precious. He is my daddy, age 88, with many aches and pains. I carry a list with me at all times with information on his lengthy history of past surgeries and current medications. He has become more frail and falls easily, and our trips to the doctor have become more frequent. But 67 years ago in 1944, he was a young man with hopes and dreams, he had a young body full of vibrance and strength. Yet, it is by the grace of God that he survived that day, and that he is still with us. He is such a blessing to me and on this day I honor him.
Thank you daddy.

Links for more information on D-day the 6th of June.

The above 6 photograph's were taken during our trip to Normandy Omaha Beach in 1999. My dad is the man with the tan jacket. On that day in late October it was windy and with light rain. In the last picture the lone person on the beach, near the water is me. My thoughts at that moment were of what my dad went through. I thought about how long the beach front was, how far he had to go with sniper rifles and machine guns shooting at him. I thought about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. From that moment on no longer was it a story that my dad had told us, but it became more real to me, more tangible. The memory I have of that day on Normandy Omaha Beach is forever emblazoned in my mind.

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