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Book Review: What Jesus Demands From The World by John Piper

Just by saying the word demand it makes most people want to turn their nose up and walk away. After all who wants more demands on our "important" grown-up lives.
Yet, do we really think that after we become a Christian that that's all there is? No strings attached perse.
We are saved by grace, so we can all go home and just continue doing what we've always done?

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Published by Crossway September 2006/400 pages
Non-fiction/Christian Growth

I know you are going to be shocked but this is the first book I've read by John Piper. I know you're asking, "where have I been?" Well reading other books of course, but until now I'd not read any by John Piper. I do receive his weekly emails on various devotional articles he has written. I have read many quotes from him that are in books by other author's. But after reading What Jesus Demands From The World I can state emphatically this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I truly love this book and look forward to reading more books from John Piper.

John Piper states that "the aim of this book is God-glorifying obedience to Jesus. The ultimate goal is that God be glorified."
Read Matthew 28:19-20
"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
According to my MacArthur NASB Study Bible in reference to verse 20. "The kind of evangelism called for in this commission does not end with the conversion of the unbeliever. God is with us!"
That is what Immanuel means--God with us. Since God is with us the next question is, how then do we live? 
Our purpose is not to just hang out on planet earth trying to have a good time till our body dies, whenever that may be.
We are here for one purpose, to glorify God. So the answer to the previous question is we live for His glory and to give Him glory.
How do we do that? By obeying Him and by being His witness.
John Piper in What Jesus Demands From The World shows us from all 4 Gospels--Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John---50 demands that he sees that Jesus' followers are to obey.

"Demand #1 You Must Be Born Again"
From John chapter 3. You must be radically about face dramatically changed. The outward exterior shell of your life reflects that inward spirit changed difference.

Examples of other demands are:
"Take Up Your Cross And Follow Me"
"Strive To Enter Through The Narrow Door, For All Of Life Is War"
"Your Righteousness Must Exceed That Of The Pharisees, For Every Healthy Tree Bears Good Fruit"
"Love Your Neighbor As Yourself And As Jesus Loved Us"

One of my favorite chapters because it spoke directly to me:
"Demand #16 Humble Yourself By Making War On Pride." Whew, after reading that chapter I had to really take a look at my motives, my role in life, my heart. Because "to be humble is to be a servant." I can not say that I am Christ's servant unless I am humble and I desperately want my life to ring loudly in that. In this same chapter John Piper wrote that, "self-pity is the voice of pride in the heart of the weak. Self-pity sounds self-sacrificing....The need arises from a wounded ego, and the desire is not really for others to see them as helpless but as heroes." Ouch.

I feel this would be a great book to study individually or in a group.
It could easily be used as a daily devotional because of the short chapters, then giving yourself time to reflect on each chapter during the rest of the day.
John Piper explains himself well and he seems to be so gentle yet direct in subjects that many would be offended by.
I wish I owned this book, but do not, it is a library copy.

Blissful Reading!


Becky said…
I need to read this one! It sounds great!
Annette said…
I bought my dad the book Future Grace by John Piper for Father's Day. I have Desiring God and have not read it yet. It is packed up in a box already for whenever we more.