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Book Review: False Pretenses--Book #1 Secrets of Roux River Bayou by Kathy Herman

"What I think, is that you need a friend, not a judge. You can't change the past. What matters now is what you decide to base the future on." page 175

Zoe Broussard and her husband Pierce own a Cajun style restaurant in Les Barbes, Louisiana. Pierce is the chef and Zoe manages the business end. Pierce is a Cajun and proud of his heritage. He and Zoe have managed to build a good reputation in the town of Les Barbes. Locals and tourists stop in to their restaurant in order to taste the delish Cajun style food. They are thinking of planning a family. Their future appears bright and promising. Their best friends Ethan and Vanessa are planning on opening up a Bed and Breakfast at a nearby local landmark, the Langley Manor. Ethan and Vanessa have a young son named Carter that on a visit to Langley Manor meets a man that gives him candy. Ethan and Vanessa are beside themselves with the mystery of who is this person their son saw. The book begins with the introduction of these characters and the mystery of the man seen in Langley Manor. But, the story takes a turn when we find out Zoe is hiding something. She begins receiving anonymous notes stating, "I know what you did." Zoe hatches a plan of her own thinking that will cure this dark omen from her past.

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray." Robert Burns

I really liked this book!
I liked it most because of the twists in the story. I thought the story was going in one direction more than once, then it did an about face and went another way. I was left guessing at times. Another words, I did not feel the story was predictable.
I did wonder if considering the seriousness of "specific situations" if the story wrapped up a little too neat.
But in the end I understood why the author brought the ending about as she did. I'll have to leave you guessing on this last point.
Even though I live next door to Louisiana I've never visited Cajun country. I enjoyed traveling there by story in to the world of Cajun style food, mossy oaks, strong Cajun heritage, swampy land, and Cajun expressions and speech.

Kathy Herman weaved in to the story a difficult subject that has only in my generation been talked about. Yet, so many women do not come forward with their stories. Maybe even in a fiction book it will minister to those gals that have a painful past.

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Link for Book #2 Dangerous Mercy, Secrets of Roux River Bayou Series, will be released September 2011

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A Gracious Home said…
I will have to read this book. I love cajun everything. I think this book sounds great. I spent a lot of time in LA when I was growing up. Galveston has a great seafood place on the water that serves wonderful Cajun fook. We had friends who were cajun. They lived by us for five years. I love the way they talk and the music is great. Doylene