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Book Review: Let God Change Your Life, How To Know And Follow Jesus by Greg Laurie

"The Christian life is more than just praying a prayer and getting 'fire insurance,' so to speak." page 76

Published by David C. Cook June 2011
288 pages
Christian Non-Fiction/Spiritual Growth/Evangelism/Gospel

From the introduction: "How can we expect to fulfill the Great Commission to go into all the world and make disciples if we don't know what it means to be a disciple ourselves?"
To me this is a great question. It is probably a question that many in the Church cannot adequately answer, because in all honesty they do not know what they believe, much less what it means to be a disciple of Christ Jesus.
In Let God Change Your Life Greg Laurie focuses on basic 101 Christianity.
When Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 28:19-20 NIV,
"Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."
When Jesus asked them to, "go and make disciples." It was not a request, but a command. It is also a command for us as well, in telling and in living out our lives the faith that we profess in Jesus Christ.
Greg Laurie leads the reader through basic Christian doctrine for the goal of spreading the Gospel to others.
Yes, there were things I read in this book that I knew, but I was convicted about a few things as well. Conviction is not a word that grown-ups like, it makes us feel defensive like little children before an angry parent. But, conviction is a good thing, it is actually freeing, and if we remain teachable and not defiant, we can learn something that will produce the fruit of maturity. 
There were several great quotes from the book such as:
"For every person there will come a last meal, a last breath, and of course, last words. And in many ways, what we say in the end is a real insight into who we were in life, what we stood for, and what we lived for. Generally we die as we lived." page 47
"Many Christians never grow up spiritually. They still act like spiritual infants." page 76
"Jesus was not calling people to a marginal belief in Him; He called for complete and total commitment...Some people respond only to certain aspects of His message. They pick and choose what appeals to them and pretty much ignore the rest." page 78-79
And Greg Laurie stated we must "die to self." See Romans 14:7-8
I am reminded of a quote from Ed McCully in the book Beyond Gates of Splendor,
"I have one desire now to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it."
That quote is the definition of living for Christ Jesus. We live every area of our life for Him and for His Gospel.
Greg Laurie not only leads the reader through basic Christianity, but a short course on apologetics and on witnessing.
When witnessing to others he leads the reader through what to say, how to approach, and what not to say---mainly referring to a righteous attitude.
There are points in the book where Greg makes light-hearted statements.
There are several stories he shares from his own life.
At no point did I feel he was off Biblically.
He is bold, bolder that many in the Christian community in writing about words that have taken a "back seat" so to speak.
He encourages us to read and study the Bible, do not depend on someone else to tell us what is in it.
He encourages us to depend on the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel message with others, we do not depend on our own initiative and strength.
He encourages us to grow-up in our Christian faith and to not remain as a babe still being fed by a bottle.

I loved this book!
I plan on reading it again!
This would be an excellent book for a group at Church or in small group homes, and of course for individual study.
I felt Greg Laurie organized the book well.
He expressed himself well so as any level of Christian would understand.
I do think that the back cover of the book could have described more about the books strength in basic Christian doctrine. There is just so much more this book has to offer than what was on the back cover.  

Thank you to David C. Cook and B and B Media for my free review copy.

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Blissful Reading!


Becky said…
This sounds like a great book! I'd definitely be interested in reading this--I'll have to look for it at the library or bookstore!

"But, conviction is a good thing, it is actually freeing, and if we remain teachable and not defiant, we can learn something that will produce the fruit of maturity." I agree!!!!
Annette said…
Thank you Becky for stopping by. I think it is a good book, would love to hear your thoughts after you read it.