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Book Review: More Than Conquerors, Extreme Devotion Series Book 2 by Kathi Macias

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37 NIV

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Book #1 in Extreme Devotion Series and link for that book is No Greater Love

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Published April 2010 by New Hope Publishers
320 pages
Christian Fiction/Missionary/Gospel/Mexico

Hector Rodriguez lives in the border town of Tijuana, Mexico. He is the pastor of a small but close-nit Church. Hector and his wife Mariana have 3 children. Hector's mother Virginia lives with a family in the Chiapas state of Mexico, and works to bring the Gospel message to the people that are superstitious and persuaded to believe as their ancestor's did. Hector worries about his mother, although he knows she is in the Lord's will. Virginia has a small group of women that she talks to about the Bible, but evil is crouching nearby. A recent graduate of a Bible college near San Diego, Marty Johnson feels the Lord is calling him in to full-time ministry work. After graduation he heads to Tijuana and to his new friend Hector.
Each of these characters will be focused on the ONE who's Gospel message is more valuable than any other treasure.

To me the message of the book is two-fold:
1. The power of prayer, and in that I include the power of prayer against the dark forces of the evil one.
2. Forsaking all, including life, for the sake of spreading the Gospel message.

I loved this book! I have read all 4 of the Extreme Devotion series and in each of them I was carried away not only by the story itself, but by the commitment of the characters at all cost for message of Jesus.
There are several characters that are in the story, several more characters than I named in the first paragraph.
At times I wondered if the author felt as if she was juggling them, because not only do they all have the same focal point theme, but each of them has an individual story. In stating that, I never felt lost amongst the sea of characters, I also felt it added more drama, and more enticement for me to want to know--------------------
what was going to happen?
The author weaves in to the story of Virginia the back drop of a thick presence that is known to be evil. Yet, I was not afraid, nor did the author poke around too much in to that theme. It was only stated for the reader that "it" was there and yet more powerful is the Spirit of God.
I cannot tell you how happy I am that finally there has been Christian fiction books written about other cultures. The culture of this book is Mexico. Mexico is the country at our door, yet we either hear about the horrible news of drug cartel and violence, or we hear about the beautiful vacation places. I know their are Christians that are living in Mexico, working to spread the Gospel.

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