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Book Review: Red Ink, Extreme Devotion Series #3 by Kathi Macias

"My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV

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2011 Golden Scroll Book Awards Novel of Year

An interview with the author about Red Ink:

Published October 2010 by New Hope Publishers
320 pages
Christian Fiction/China/Missionary/Persecution

Zhen-Li lives near Beijing, China. She married a Christian man and they had a son. Her parents are not Christian and have adamantly opposed her marriage and her conversion to Christianity. Zhen-Li feels she must live out her faith by telling others about Jesus, including teaching children. The Chinese government opposes such action. Yet, Zhen-Li must tell others about Yhu Yesu (Lord Jesus) no matter the cost.

This is a powerful book, because it demonstrates the verse, "For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12:10b
What Paul meant when he wrote that verse is that when we are weak, God in His mercy and grace gives us the strength to meet that Goliath of fears. Let go of what we as a human feel we can "handle" and give God full reign over "all things".

I have read all 4 of the Extreme Devotion series, by far Red Ink has been my favorite. The presence of the Holy Spirit is evident in reading about Zhen-Li. I've read that Zhen-Li was based on a real Christian journalist in China named Li Ying.

As I stated previously in my review of More Than Conquerors----the book is two-fold in its mission.
1. The power of prayer, and in that I include the power of prayer against the dark forces of the evil one.
2. Forsaking all, including life, for the sake of spreading the Gospel message.

In Zhen-Li's story the descriptions of her abuse, torment, and suffering is displayed more emotionally riveting than the other books in the series.

There are several other key characters in the story of Red Ink and not all of them are on the continent of China. They are brought in to the story to parallel that not all people that are in bondage are in a barbed wire, concrete prison.
There are also characters that remind us that no matter the age or condition of the individual, prayer is powerful!

I loved this book, loved, loved, loved it! 

Blissful Reading!


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This one sounds great!