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The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday Morning to you!

In the past 2 weeks since I last posted The Sunday Salon I finished reading Luke, reading chapters 19-24. Next I will read the Gospel of John.
I don't know if you remember but I read all of the NT the week before Easter. This is my 2nd time to read the NT, and I'm reading it more slowly. 

As of July 4 we have a contract on our home. Maybe you've noticed my posts have been minimal. There has been so much to do in the way of paperwork, home inspection, termite inspection, and on and on for our current home. The closing date is August 16.
Meanwhile, as of this past Tuesday we have a contract on a new home that we are to close on August 17. The new home is 2 hours a way. We've had paperwork, home inspection, and on and on for our new home.
Add to this I am packing. Also trying hard to discard things I don't need and don't know why I've kept so long.
Meanwhile my dad that I care for got in a wrestling match with a door that would not open automatically at a nearby hospital, he lost. He is better, but had a nasty cut on his left forearm.

I have several books that I've read and will be posting soon on this blog: from the Extreme Devotion series by Kathi Macias--More Than Conquerors, Red Ink, and People of the Book. I'd already read and reviewed No Greater Love.
Also coming up is a theology book entitled The Deity of Christ edited by Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson. After reading The Deity of Christ you can't say that this girl is afraid of tackling a heavy theology book!
In the month of August book tours for (these will be scheduled to post) Across the Wide River by Stephanie Reed and Mugabe and the White African by Ben Freeth with a foreword by Desmund Tutu. I also have a Suzanne Wood Fisher book for an August tour, Amish Values for Your Family.

I am anxious to move in to my new home and sit in my new office/library/study and review books on this small blog in blog-land. I will miss my routine of reading and blogging for the month of August. You will have a few scheduled book reviews to read. Do not look for The Sunday Salon nor Roundabout until September. September seems like a long time, but it is only 7 weeks away.

I do NOT intend to stop reading or reviewing or blogging. But, I'll need a small break in order to pack, move and then make a house a home (one of my favorite things to do).

While packing yesterday one of the newspapers I used was dated early February. The weather at that time was 28-32 degrees with snow and ice forecast. Ahhhhh, what a dreamy thought.....cooler weather.
My prayer is that all of you will do your best to be cool---both figuratively and literally.

Blissful Blogging!