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The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday Morning to you!

It's been a busy week at our house. On Wednesday my husband Jeff had his left rotator cuff repaired. During the surgery they found another tear on top of his left shoulder, this is called a labral tear. Both were repaired and we were back home by the middle of the afternoon. That first 24 hours after surgery was very painful and uncomfortable for Jeff. He slept little. But by Thursday evening he was able to shower and take a peaceful nap. Each day he improves a little bit more.

In the last week I started reading an old book of my dad's, The Acts, An Exposition by Charles R. Erdman, published 1936.
Instead of reading through the book of Acts (second time this year) for my Bible reading. I'm reading this book by Erdman. The Bible reference for this book is American Standard Edition of the Revised Bible. I'm currently reading through chapter 4 of Acts.

During my daily devotional time this week I read something from Joni Eareckson Tada that ministered to me, I'm hoping it will speak to your heart today as well. The devotional book is one of my favorites, Pearls of Great Price 366 Daily Devotional Readings published by Zondervan.

Joni was reflecting back on a time before her mother's death when her mother could no longer remember who Joni or her sisters were. Joni's mother had had a stroke and was a "shadow of her former self." On reflecting on this Joni wrote,
"Strange how we expect the parade of life to go on forever; when it finally runs out of steam, we feel cheated, as though someone should have told us it was this short, this hard, But death is supposed to be hard. Perhaps it's supposed to be a taste of hell. The wages of our sin is death; could God have in mind for us to feel-really feel-a little of what the Savior bore? God may want to remind us of what sin would have earned us, had it not been for Christ. I guess the throes of death are our birth pangs before we enter heaven's bliss. These are sobering thoughts. But the facts of death often can be as harsh as facts of life."

Two important questions are given:
"Have you made your peace with God?
How can you help prepare a loved one or friend who is facing death?"

Blissful Blogging!


Marlayne Giron said…
So true Annette. Though it has been a rare occurrence to date in my life; whenever someone close to me dies I am reminded that God had never intended it to be this way in the first place and how very blessed I am that He chose to open my eyes and give me faith the believe in Him and be saved. His salvation and the hope of heaven truly is a comfort and our blessed hope.