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Book Review: Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate

"A little girl was watching me through the back window. She'd turned in her seat, climbed onto her knees, pressed a palm to the glass, her head tilted slightly to the side, as if she were curious about me, or confused by my presence on the road. Her dark hair floated in wispy, tangled curls around her face, her pale blue eyes regarding me with a concern that seemed out of place in the round orb of a child's face. She couldn't have been more that five, maybe six. Leaves were tangled in her hair, and her skin was brown from the sun, her cheeks a combination of pink sunburn and smudges of dirt." page 12
With this opening statement of the description of a little girl that seems half woods fairy and half angel, we are introduced to Birdie. Birdie is not the main character of Larkspur Cove although I wish she had been. In my opinion it would have been unique and a more enticing read than the main focused character--Andrea Henderson.
Andrea Harrison is a middle age, recently divorced, single mom, having to depend on her parents for support, she also recently entered the world of employment. Her new job is as a counselor for a small practice. Andrea spends most of her work time out of her office visiting various homes interviewing children.
Birdie is one of her clients.
Weaved in to the story is Andrea's communication struggles between her and her son Dustin. Both of them  still grieving over dramatic life changes.
Andrea needs help from her parents. They have provided a lake house for her and Dustin to live in. Yet, she dislikes their strong critical influence.
And of course their is a handsome game warden named Mart McClendon.

I know this is my own personal problem, but I'm a little bored with the same ole story line of a woman with an issue, or several issues, then meets a new man, they have at least one problem that might keep them apart, but in the end ....well you know.

But, to have centered a story around a young girl, and the story would be from the voice of the young girl. Now, that is a story!

After giving the above opinion, I do feel this book is an entertaining read. My favorite part of the book would be the scenes of Birdie and Andrea's interaction. I also feel that Andrea maybe an encouragement to single mother's out there who struggle with the same issues that Andrea faced. Even in a fictional character we can feel encouraged and uplifted. 

Thank you to Bethany House and Open Book for my free review copy!
Moses Lake Series Book 2, Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate
Published by Bethany House 2011
352 pages

Link for the book @ Christian Book:
Paperback $8.49
eBook $9.69

Blissful Reading!