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The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday morning to you! I'm happy to say on this October morning it is 58 degrees! Fall is my favorite season, it is refreshing after such a long hot summer.

I finished reading Romans (again) by reading from J. B. Phillips The New Testament in Modern English translation.
J. B. Phillips is the author of the tiny book with the big teaching "Your God is Too Small."
I had made the commitment early this year to read Romans 10 times in 10 translations. J. B. Phillips was my choice for reading Romans for the 8th time.
My next choice in translation will be Edgar J. Goodspeed's The New Testament An American Translation.

For an example of J. B. Phillips Romans translation:
"The Spirit of God not only maintains this hope within us, but helps us in our present limitations. For example, we do not know how to pray worthily as sons of God, but his Spirit within us is actually praying for us in those agonizing longings which never find words. And God who knows the hearts' secrets understands, of course, the Spirit's intention as he prays for those who love God. Moreover we know that to those who love God, who are called according to his plan, everything that happens fits into a pattern for good. God, in his foreknowledge, chose them to bear the family likeness of his Son, that he might be the eldest of a family of many brothers. He chose them long ago; when the time came he called them, he made them righteous in his sight and then lifted them to the splendor of life as his own sons."
Romans 8:26-30

Are you reading your Bible?

Blissful Blogging!


Becky said…
How did you like the Phillips translation? I've read a little in it, but I don't think I've read it all yet. Though I hope to next year! I'd be curious to know what you liked or didn't like about it. Same with the Goodspeed translation. :)

And I am ABSOLUTELY loving the weather!!!
twiga92 said…
I still need to read Ephesians in another translation. I have been reading the Bible using the weekly genre reading plan. A different section of the Bible each day. It breaks up some of the more difficult parts to get through and I have found it to be an interesting way to read the Bible. It doesn't flow as well as reading it straight through but it does mix it up a bit.