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Book Review: The Clouds Roll Away, A Raleigh Harmon Novel Book #3 by Sibella Giorello

"Lifting my face to the cold, I offered up the words. Simple words, known by heart. But they carried the power of dynamite. They were words about daily bread." page 175

Raleigh Harmon is a forensic geologist with the FBI and currently back in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Raleigh faces difficult relationships with an old boyfriend, mother, sister, and boss. Raleigh is a stoic character. Often her thoughts and dialogue is written in monotone short sentences, with little staccato. Yet, there are moments when the authors prose (from the thoughts of Raleigh) is written beautifully, for example:
"The ancient elms crystallized and frost crocheted the birches in to lace doilies." page 1
Raleigh seems to categorize her life, transforming when need be in to a stoic business like just the facts detective. She also can transform in to a sensitive caring passionate person.
She notices every detail: counting steps, what type of firearm a person has, height and weight and coloring of a person, and smells.
When the book begins Raleigh is investigating a hate crime committed at a famous rap producer and musicians home. The home and land is a historical landmark. People that live nearby are shocked and saddened that the home and land is owned by people that are careless and unappreciative of its historical significance. Raleigh's first thought is that the nearby neighbors may have had something to do with the hate crime. As the story progresses she learns that things are not always what they appear on first glance to be.

All during the book Raleigh's difficulty with her boss is touched on, but never delved deep. Raleigh's difficulty in dealing with her mother and sister and past history with an old flame are also touched on.
The focus of The Clouds Roll Away is on the detective work in finding out who the perpetrator of the hate crime is.

I did like this story.
It was a breath of fresh air to me in that the romantic theme did not run deep in the book. I appreciated that. Raleigh is a independent gal, and she puts all her might in to her job. She does not let a man, or family problems, or a difficult boss, or past reputation, or anything else hinder her in solving a crime. In this she is a character to admire.
I found the detective work interesting, especially the medical examiners work. 
I was left hanging about her mother. Maybe I should read book number 1 The Stones Cry Out. In The Clouds Roll Away her mother is eccentric or does she have a mental problem? I still don't know.
The front cover of the book is striking.

Published in March 2010 by Thomas Nelson 
336 pages
Christian Fiction/Suspense/Crime Drama

Authors site:
Book #4 is The Mountains Bow Down
Book #1 is The Stones Cry Out

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Paperback $14.99

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Paperback $10.99
eBook $9.69

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Paperback $6.00
Kindle $8.99

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