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Book Review: Forgiveness Healing the Harbored Hurts of Your Heart by Bill Elliff with Tim Grissom

Published 1998 by The Summit Church
My copy is 8th printing
32 pages

The author Bill Elliff shares a painful life story from his own life, in order to help others struggling through hurts.
No one is immune to life's hurts. "The greater question is not, Have you been hurt? but....."
Sometimes these hurts stay harbored in our heart. Maybe it was several small hurts, or maybe it was a large overwhelming hurt. The hurt, can become bitterness. 
"Bitterness is subtle. I've rarely met a bitter man who realized his condition...When hurts are not dealt with God's way, bitterness roots itself in our soul. Like the sapling that refused to die, bitterness will continually spring up."
Bitterness shows in our countenance, our responses, even in our faces.
Forgiveness Healing The Harbored Hurts of Your Heart Bill Elliff with the help of Tim Grissom teaches us that we do not have to stay in that harbor of unforgiveness and bitterness. "We can heal God's way."
He gives 6 steps for healing.
There is a mini-study of Hebrews 12:10-17 in the book for further Bible study.

This is a small book, more of a pamphlet.
This would be excellent to keep on hand in a church library or book store.
I feel this small book would be easier to give to a person that maybe going through a difficult time because of its size. A larger book or a Bible study might deter some people, especially those people that are not big readers.

Blissful Reading!