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The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday to you!
I've had a busy past week with my dad that lives with me and I care for. He has had a large boil on his chin. I took him to an urgent care clinic last week, they lanced it, bandaged it up, and dad is on 2 antibiotics. This morning it looks much much better and we are both relieved.
Pray he will continue with good recovery.

During the past week, and I'm still reading along in Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System, although I've read ahead in some books of the Bible.

Currently I've read through:
Genesis 29
Judges 5
Psalm 29
Isaiah 29
Mark 1
1 Corinthians 12

The books of the Bible I finished reading during the past week:
Joshua (24 chapters) on January 24
Job (42 chapters) on January 29
Proverbs (31 chapters) on January 29
Ecclesiastes (12 chapters) on January 29
Song of Solomon (8 chapters) on January 29
Matthew (28 chapters) on January 29
Acts (28 chapters) on January 29
James (5 chapters) on January 21
1 Peter (5 chapters) on January 29

I do not plan to re-read the following books this year:
Song of Solomon

This means I'm changing up the Bible Reading System. As I progress and finish out other Bible books I'll decide which ones I want to re-read again. You can count on me to definitely re-read the New Testament and possibly some of the Old Testament books.

Starting on February 1st I'll read Hebrews again, for the 2nd time.

I'm still reading the Common English Bible for my daily Bible readings and I'm loving it! Easy to read and understand.

Coming soon a review on a heavy heavy theology book, Salvation Accomplished By The Son The Work of Christ by Robert A. Peterson.

Blissful Reading!