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Book Review: The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross by Arthur W. Pink

During this Easter season I have chosen 4 books from my bookshelf (previously unread by me) to read and review.
I've reviewed Max Lucado's book Six Hours One Friday. Next I'll review Born Crucified by L. E. Maxwell and Experiencing The Resurrection by Henry and Melvin Blackaby.

Arthur Pink 1886-1952) is known to me by his wonderful commentary on Hebrews---An Exposition of Hebrews. This is offered free (as well as his other writings) at the following link:

In The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross there are 2 forewords written by John MacArthur and Warren Wiersbe. Both men state Arthur Pink knew Scripture and was able to explain, teach, and help his hearers apply the Word. MacArthur wrote, "Pink's approach is a masterful blend of literary and sermonic style."

The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross are explained in 7 chapters for 7 sayings on the cross.
1. The Word of Forgiveness
2. The Wor…

Book Review: Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado

While I was reading this book I thought about why Max Lucado is such an approachable (and yes popular) Christian author.
1. Chapters are kept short.
2. Vivid detail so reader will understand.
3. Application after application for the reader to relate to and bring home to their own life.
4. He does not lecture at you, he sits next to you and speaks about deep things that any intellect can understand.

Six Hours One Friday is not the first book I've read of Max Lucado's and it will most certainly not be the last. I do feel this book is a quintessential read for a Christian. Next time you shop in a book store look for it, you'll be glad you've made the time to read this gem.

Explanation is given in the first chapter that Three Anchor Points will be given and described.
1. My Life Is Not Futile.
2. My Failures Are Not Fatal.
3. My Death Is Not Final.
"Anchor points. Firm rocks sunk deeply in a solid foundation. Not casual opinions or negotiable hypotheses, but iron cl…

Book Review: Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor

I have two more Moody Classic books to read: Born Crucified by L.E.Maxwell and The Incomparable Christ by J. Oswald Sanders.
Moody Classics are lovely books. They are small 5x7. The front covers of all Moody Classic books are eye-catching and stunningly beautiful.
One of my favorite types of books to read is a biography or memoir. To read about a missionary is an added bonus.
I am in BSF or Bible Study Fellowship which was created by a woman named A. Wetherell Johnson. Ms. Johnson had been a missionary with the China Inland Mission. When communism thrust out all missionaries between 1949 and 1952, she left and went to California. BSF was created by her in the late 1950's.
The China Inland Mission began with Hudson Taylor. The name has since changed to Overseas Missionary Fellowship, as they incorporated several other Asian countries such as: Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Laos, and Cambodia.
At this time there are 8 BSF gr…

Book Review: Special Delivery, Freedom Series Book #2 by Kathi Macias

Special Delivery is book two in the Freedom (human trafficking) series. For anyone who may not have read book one, Deliver Me From Evil, can you fill us in on the focus of the series in general, and Special Delivery in particular?

The Freedom series is a three-book fiction series built around the horrifying topic of human trafficking. People often ask me why I decided to write about such a dark topic. First, I explain that I’m not writing about a dark topic; I’m writing about the Light that shines in that darkness. And second, I believe the Church should be at the forefront of the modern-day abolition movement to set the captives (modern-day slaves) free. The three books in this series specifically follows the life of a young woman named Mara, who was sold into sexual slavery by her own parents in Mexico, and then smuggled across the border into San Diego by her uncle who then served as her pimp. A strong sub-plot throughout the series tells of two sisters in the Golden Triangle of T…

Book Review: Living Free In Enemy Territory, Christ's Triumph Over Satan by Greg Dutcher

Author and blogger Tim Challies wrote the foreword on Living Free In Enemy Territory. His opening statement is about when going to war, "know your enemy."

"Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."
1 Peter 5:8 ESV

Most humans, either perceive Satan as the Hollywood screen image, or they flagrantly ignore him as a fictitious boogey-man.
Neither view is accurate because they are not Biblical. 

Greg Dutcher's emphasis in Living Free In Enemy Territory is to re-direct us to what Scripture teaches us about Satan. Scripture does tell us "to be alert and sober-minded." Scripture also teaches us that he is more like an angel of light---being beautiful, rather than monstrous and hideous.
"Satan has sinister motives, but that his outward manifestations can be quite beautiful." page 26.
There are two passages of Scripture that bear "light" on him.
Isaiah 14:12-15 a…


O It has been a long time since I've posted a roundabout. Roundabout is a post where I re-post those blogs, websites, and other snippets of news that I've found that might be of interest to my own readers.

Exemplify Online has changed their site up a bit. They've added a Bible study---a Quarterly series---and the current series is called Breakfast on the Beach, also new is the ability for readers to submit their own writings, a new spotlight on ministries, and the hint of future new things to come.
Exemplify Online is a Christian ministry focused on and for women.

Kyria is also a Christian Online ministry focused on and for women. They stress discipleship, leadership, spiritual growth, marriage and family. There is a cost for full membership access to all articles, $14.95. You can submit your email to receive some articles of interest. If my memory serves me right, Kyria began after Today's Christian Woman magazine ended publication.

I just found a site that I know I'…

Spring Break 2012

I will NOT be posting during the next week, Spring Break starts for me now! I have family coming to visit tomorrow and the grandkids will be with us next week. Yeah!!!!!
Look for a Sunday Salon on Sunday March 25. I will state, that this week I finished reading Hebrews in the King James Version, this makes 3 times for this year. I am keeping up with the Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System too.
The next book reviews I have coming up will be: Simon and the Easter Miracle, A Traditional Tale for Easter by Mary Joslin and Anna Luraschi. Also, Living Free In Enemy Territory by Greg Dutcher, and Special Delivery by Kathi Macias. I hope to start reading Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan soon. I read this work several years ago, time to read it again, and what better time than at Easter.

Blissful Reading!

Book Review: How We Got the Bible by Neil R. Lightfoot

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Shortly before I read it, my dad read it, he too thought highly of it. If you enjoy reading about Bible history or textual criticism, this is a must read for you!

I just finished reading The ESV and the English Bible Legacy by Leland Ryken. Both Leland's and Lightfoot's books complimented each other wonderfully!

How We Got The Bible digs deeper in to the history of the bible, for example: the Canon of the Bible, the ancient versions of manuscripts that were used to translate the Bible, archeology of Bible Scripture, the methods of manuscript writing that was used--for example uncial which is all capital letters and minuscule meaning small. I found it very interesting the volumes and volumes, literally thousands of writings from the early Church Fathers that included Scripture. The Scripture they wrote was transcribed from what would have been the earliest of sources. Their writings are studied and analyzed for the benefit of our Bible …

Book Review: The ESV and the English Bible Legacy by Leland Ryken

The ESV or English Standard Version was published in 2001. I bought a Crossway Study Bible in this version October 31, 2008. I'd read this Bible and used it to study sometimes. I'd also read most of the additional information in the study Bible such as: Interpreting the Scripture, The Canon of Scripture, Biblical Ethics: An Overview, and God's Plan of Salvation. These are just a few examples of additional information in this wonderful study Bible. I always had the Bible sitting next to my reading chair. But, it was not my primary Bible for reading and studying. I was still holding on to my Zondervan NIV--New International Version Study Bible. My latest version published 2008. In 1990 I took Old Testament and later New Testament in college, it was at this time I was introduced to the NIV. All these years I loved my NIV translation. I was possibly too comfortable in this translation.
After reading The ESV and the English Bible Legacy by Leland Ryken; I made a decision to pu…

The Sunday Salon

Good Sunday evening to you!
I'm a little late in posting my current Bible readings for the week. I've spent a lot of the day outside dreaming about my future garden, pulling weeds, and preparing my garden plot. It's a beautiful early Spring day. I noticed butterflies, bees, red wasps, and robins. The trees and flowers are budding and blooming.
Easter is not until April 8 so we may still have another cold snap; but I think Spring has arrived in north Texas.

At the beginning of this past week I started reading my daily Bible readings from the English Standard Version.
I'll be explaining why in a book review this week. The book is The ESV and the English Bible Legacy by Leland Ryken. After reading his book I decided to make my primary Bible reading and studying from the ESV translation.

In my daily Bible readings I've read so far through Exodus chapter 7, 1 Samuel chapter 7, Psalms chapter 68, Isaiah chapter 52, Luke chapter 7, Acts chapter 23. I finished 2 Corinthia…

Book Review: Anne Bradstreet, Christian Encounters by D.B. Kellogg


I bought this book over a year ago and just now read it. I was thoroughly impressed with this little gem!
I'd thought the book would only be about Anne Bradstreet, her life is a great part of this book, yet I received an education in Puritan's. 
What I thought I knew about Puritan's was based purely on what little information I had from school (a long time ago.) Also from other's prejudices (I'm ashamed to declare.)
What I did learn about Puritan's is that they were brave, independent (not from God, but from man), they believed in a strong work ethic and in education and family.
Most Puritan's drank beer.
Baptism for children was either by sprinkling or washing.
They were interested in sports, recreation, reading, fishing, hunting, music (although not in church.)
What they forbade was celebrating Christmas and Easter, because people tended to over indulge in alcohol and food.
They forbade baptism of children if the parents were not members of churc…

Book Review: The Life of Jesus, A Chronological Account from God's Word

The Life of Jesus, A Chronological Account from God's Word is basically a Bible reading of the Gospel in order of chronological events. All four Gospels are included.
It is in the God's Word translation, which I'd never heard of before reading this book.
In the back of the book is a "time-line of Jesus ministry, and Jesus' promises and parables, radical teachings, and encounters with others."
There are few commentary notes in the book written by Jonathan Ziman pastor at Wheaton Bible Church in Wheaton, Illinois.
I just don't have a lengthy review for this book, because I considered the book mediocre.
I enjoy reading from my own Bible the events of Jesus and the Gospel message.
This book would probably be a good choice for a new Christian that is wanting to read about Jesus and His message of the Gospel.
This book could also be used as a devotional type book.
But, for me I was not impressed. Sorry.

Published by Baker Books, A division of Baker Publish…